Nodemcu running wled

Has anyone successfully integrated a 8266 or esp32 nodemcu running wled into hubitat? I have a few led projects that I’m using the 8266 and I would like to automate them.

I use mqtt/node red but you could try this

Yep there's actually a driver been made for it. Have a search through the forum and it should pop up. I've been using it for awhile and it's been great.

Edit: Found it for you.

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I am using the above mentioned driver works fine for me

I'm using a fair few. No issues.

What are you guys using it for? The documentation says I have to flash the node with one of the sketches, but I’m running wled on it, am I gonna loose the wled? If so what functionalities am I gonna have for my individually addressable leds after I integrate the node into hubitat?

Sorry, dunno what wled is. I use mine for contact sensors, temp, humidity, and dc/ac mains relays for various devices.

Wled is the software that I flashed on my node to have special effects to do my led light show on my house.

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That's amazing! More details / pics? Maybe you can just keep that on one and use another nodemcu for the rest. Cheap enough mate! = p

No need to flash anything else, it works directly with Wled. Are you using this one?


This is the one I’m using cuz of the effects.

Ty, but it’s not finished yet. I have the second floor next weekend and the windows sometime later. I have like 20 nodes laying around the house that’s not the issue. Te plan was to automate and get remote access for it. That’s why I’m trying to integrate into hubitat.

I think you might be getting confused, you leave Wled installed on the nodemcu then install the driver i linked in Hubitat. The driver then connects to the Nodemcu through Hubitat.

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