Node-RED nodes for hubitat

I just set this up. It's a simple edit to the settings.js file I recall. Actually the option is already in the file and just needs the commenting to be removed, and presto! Persistent Context Variables!


If I get some time today I’ll flesh that code out some more and see if I can subscribe to the system start event to force it to update automatically.


Or just add initialize capability and do it in initialize().


Even easier...

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Works perfectly!!

Screen Shot 2021-01-30 at 8.50.04 AM


Okay, should have the full hub object here. Haven't tested the subscription to the hub restart but the code is there...


I will update the driver and check it out. In the meantime, I modified my Nodered HE download/backup flow to now include the FW version.

Thanks so much for this... :pray:t3:


Quick question - is there any difference between hubVersion and firmwareVersionString? I'm currently using hubVersion...

No difference I just left it in in case someone had already coded against it. The longer name is the actual hub property name

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Really strange - I'm no longer seeing firmwareVersionString in Current States and it is not available in the selection list of attributes in the Nodered device node... :astonished:

It needs to be added as an attribute in the driver code.

just add a line like this in the driver code by the other attribute lines:
attribute "firmwareVersionString", "string"

OOOPS. Thought I had in there. In now.

It was there when I took a previous screen shot (few posts above) but then it disappeared!

Looks like @thebearmay fixed it now😀

Yeah, if you don’t declare the attribute it sticks around for a little while but then goes away.

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I made a small update to the driver this morning to fix a problem where it was grabbing the version number before the hub had updated completely on a restart. Also added some more of the Location object properties.


I've trawled through this lengthy thread and have checked my setup against the gotchas but I can't see what I may have missed.

NodeRed confirms that my starting endpoint is /hubitat/webhook

For two devices that I've shared via MakerAPI, these are initialised.

1 Feb 09:22:13 - [info] [hubitat mode:91ece064.2d241] Initialized. mode: Day
1 Feb 09:22:13 - [info] [hubitat device:bacb9701.1e7d78] Initialized. switch: on

URL to send device events to by POST

The switch above is a simple virtual switch. On initialisation/deployment, it correctly shows the state, in this example "on". If I change the switch state within HE on the virtual device to "off", I was expecting the status to update within NR. It doesn't.

What have I missed? Should there be an "event" that captures this change? Has anyone got a NR example? I've followed the video example (substituting a motion sensor for a switch) but still no joy.


** UPDATE ** Typical.... 5mins after posting the above, I substitute the domain name for an IP address within Maker API and BINGO, it all starts working!!! :slight_smile:


If your node-red is available through a domain name (and you have a local DNS) , then you can add a DNS in HE (Settings-> network)
This is what I'm doing for my setup


You'd think raspberrypi.local would work... clearly not. I'm not doing anything fancy network wise... I'll stick to using IP for now - safer! :astonished:

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How about just http://ipaddress:1880/hubitat/webhook. it works for me? Mine looks like this?


Yes using the IP works fine... :+1:

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