NO2 and VOC sensors zigbee

I have a Dyson Pure, (which I don't think connects to Hubitat, unfortunately). It measures particulate matter (PM 2.5 and PM 10), VOCs, and NO2 as well as humidity. I'm interested in having sensors that measure those things, in part to see whether the measurements match up. Humidity is obviously easy, but the other things, especially NO2, I haven't found any sensors for. Has anyone come across any good zigbee air quality sensors that measure anything other than humidity? An interesting device I've come across that measures some of this is Awair - but it's WiFi...

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One approach would be to get a weather station that has an open API to allow you to interface it to Hubitat . . .

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Not zigbee but there’s a great Hubitat integration for Ecowitt sensors. They use a different RF frequency to communicate with a bridge device, which connects to your LAN with WiFi (and is the entry point for Hubitat integration).

They make indoor and outdoor air quality sensors, I believe, but I don’t know much about what they measure, possibly just PM2.5.

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Any suggestions? And would that work indoors?

I have just started looking because my old weather station is almost dead. I noticed some of the Ambient Weather systems can be configured with indoor and outdoor particulate monitors. There seems to be some effort in the community here to build interfaces for the Ambient Weather and Ecowitt (parts of which are manufactured by the same OEM that makes some of the Ambient Weather equipment). Ecowitt would be another to look at.

Link to the Ambient Weather indoor particulate sensor: Ambient Weather PM25IN PM2.5 Wireless Indoor Particulate Monitor

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Some good research in this area described in the papers linked here:

Interesting that one of their challenges in testing the products was finding ways to collect the data from the sensor products.

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They have a new indoor version that measures CO2, PM2.5, PM10, temperature and humidity. @kahn-hubitat just got one.

But as noted, the gateway is wifi.


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I was just reading about that on their site. Pretty neat.

Wow, I know it’s measuring several things, but $160 USD?

Seems like quite a jump from the price points of most of their other sensors.

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I agree. Uncharacteristic of Ecowitt as all their other sensors are notoriously inexpensive. Perhaps they think this is a unique device with not much competition...

If you are comparing measurements from different sensors don’t expect them to be exactly the same. You could compare to see if they are in the same city. In order to compare them closer they would have to have the same precision and repeatability and be calibrated to the same reference.

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