No ZigBee!

Where you doing anything before this happened? Is the usb stick plugged in? Any other issues or recent changes?

#2 especially. :wink:

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Brand new @patrick only got it today UK version. Put stick in turned it on it did update…

And have you tried rebooting? This is the first load after updating and setting up your location?

Is the USB stick plugged in and the blue light on (its actually facing down to check)?

Try settings shutdown. Wait for red light on front. Unplug, check the connections and then power back up and see if the usb stick has the blue light on.

Done reboots, shutdowns etc… Everything appears to work apart from ZigBee. If there is meant to be a light on stick then no I’m not getting one!

Is the usb stick for ZigBee then not z-wave?

In the US the nortek stick does Zigbee and Z-Wave. We ship the UK version a second dongle for UK Z-Wave support. Both must be inserted prior to powering up.

SInce the light isn’t lighting up, need to see if its the USB port or stick that might be the problem. Can you shutdown again (red light means safe) unplug the power, swap the usb sticks positions and plug back in and boot up and see if zigbee works and a blue light is on the bottom of the Nortek USB stick (white top, gray bottom)

What I didn’t know UK version had 2 sticks!! Been back in box and found it now :joy::joy::joy::joy:

Ok so it’s done 2 updates without stick in will be ok?

Glad to see you read that Quick Start Guide :slight_smile:

Not sure, we will have to see. Let’s get them both plugged in and go from there. The nortek stick is the main Zigbee stick. Did you have the UK z-wave stick only plugged in?

Yeah, it just needs to be installed before a boot and it’ll load.

Ok all sorted now! :joy::joy: After reboot with both sticks in ZigBee showed as offline only way to get it online was to reset stick. But all fine now and seeing devices.

On the quick start guide it only shows 1 stick and only refers to one stick in the text. The one stick is just loose when u lift flap in box the other is in a tiny what looks like packer box! So maybe a updated guide for the UK version would be good.

But thanks for the help. All sorted and up and running. :grin:

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There should have been a separate Quick Start Guide for the UK version. Must have gotten missed in shipping.

Glad you are up and running.

I received my hub UK today and got the same Quick Start Guide

Added a “both dongles for UK/Europe” line to the troubleshooting wiki. :wink: