No Zigbee Pairing with Xfinity XHS2-UE with and

I just tried pairing my Xfinity XHS Door/Window Contact Sensors (Model XHS2-UE) without success. I have successfully paired these guys about 5 times prior to updating my hub to I thought I might have a dud, so I tried another sensor and still no luck. I saw there was a .130 update, so I updated to the latest version, and still no joy. I tried the new search for specific device, setting the generic zigbee CS (with temp), but this didn't help. I reset the sensors to factor defaults and this did not help. The sensors are about 1 foot from the hub. The previously paired contact sensors are still functioning perfectly.

Any suggestions?

Edit: Rolled back to and tried a third sensor without success.

How many Zigbee devices are currently paired to the Hubitat hub? There is a limit to the number of directly paired devices. IIRC, that limit is 32 devices. Do you have any mains-powered Zigbee devices that act as Zigbee mesh repeaters? Those will strengthen the mesh network, and they will also allow for many more than 32 devices to be connected at a time. Lastly, has there been any changes recently to your home 2.4GHz WiFi network? There is always a possibility of interference if the 2.4GHx WiFi channel(s) and the Zigbee channel are not chosen wisely.

Here is an illustration that may help. Most users choose Zigbee channel 15, 20, or 25 help avoid 2.4GHz WiFi conflicts. Also, make sure your 2.4GHz WiFi is using a 20MHz frequency width, not 40MHz.


Ah ha! I have 32 Zigbee devices listed in the hub. Otherwise, I'm on Zigbee Channel 20 and my WiFi is using a 20 MHz channel. Looks like I hit the limit.

Thanks very much. I'll look into getting some Zigbee repeaters.

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Take a look at this...

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