No Web Interface

I have a hubitat that I purchased about a year ago I think. I am finally getting around to installing it and I can't get the web interface to load at all. I had to put the MAC address in the discovery tool to get it to show up on portal hubitat com but when I click on the link I just get an error that the site can't be reached. The blue LED is on and I can get it to load at ip:8081 but it has a line that says "Select one of the following versions to switch to:" but nothing to select. No dropdowns or anything. Any idea what the issue is?

I would send an email to while waiting for others to respond...

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If it's on blue it hasn't fully booted up yet. If it doesn't change, unplug it and wait 30s, and plug in again and see if you get to a green LED.

What version is the hub.
C3 and C4 leds do not go green. (I think).


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Wow...did not know that! Learn something new every day.


It's a C5 and I did send a message to support after this post.


I have a C4, The LED is blue when running, red when off(standby).
Staff said the C3 is the same machine without a logo, as the C4

I took it to my office and used a cable modem connection we have as a backup and it was found and performed the updates. It works fine at my house now. I'm going to blame the ATT fiber router that they make you use. I have it in a pass thru mode but it's not a true pass thru.