No return from maximized Dashboard UI

I've noticed there's no getting back (easily) to the HE main/home screen once you venture into Dashboards and mess around in there as follows:

Hubitat UI ► Dashboards ► click square 'Maximize' icon ► "Dashboards" pane maximizes
Click square 'Maximize' icon again ► nothing happens (screen remains maximized)
Click 'Home' icon ► 'Cloud' icon appears in upper-right corner
Click square 'Maximize' icon again ► all text becomes larger
Click 'Cloud' icon again ► all text becomes smaller

In brief, nothing I do (from a PC running latest Chrome browser under Win10 latest) in the maximized Dashboards pane will return me to seeing the rest of the HE user interface.

Bug? Feature? Missing 'Home' icon? Unfinished app?

NOTE: Similar to this earlier report, to which nobody ever responded.

Back button on your mouse works fine and faster than going all the way to the corner of the screen?

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