No Push in Maker API

I am new to Hubitat. I'm using it as a Zwave/Zigbee interface to Xtension, a Macintosh home automation application. This is accomplished using the Maker API and a plugin (still in beta) in Xtension.

One of the first devices I paired was a MCT-340 contact sensor. Paring was a breeze, (especially compared to the Vera) and after adding it to the endpoint list in the Maker API, everything worked as expected. The door opens, there is an immediate update in Xtension.

Next I added an MCT-350. Same simple pairing, but this time no update in Xtension. Even though I added it to the endpoint list, it does not appear to be pushing event information to Xtension.

While watching the log, when the 350 opens or closes, all I get in the log is an info line that the event has occurred. with the 340, I get both the info line as well as a DEBUG line with device event and the json data that is pushed to Xtension.

I paired a second MCT-350 with the same results.

I've looked through the configurations of both units and they appear to be identical. Did I miss something in the setup, or is there something different in the way the Hubitat deals with these two units?

What device type does it show?

Both the working 340 and the non-working 350 show Generic Zigbee Contact Sensor. As far as I can tell they are set up identically.

They both have temp sensors with the same action. The 340 reports immediate changes in temperature, and the 350 does not.

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