No power micro usb broke?

Sigh, recently moved to a new home, plugged in Hubitat...... no lights nothing. Tried different power supply (known working) still nothing. The only thing I can think of is that the micro usb may have got damaged in move. So My hub is from March of 2019 so of course is out of 90 day warranty :slight_smile: Ordered another. Just curious how I am going to set up new hub? Sigh if it isn't one thing it is another right?

Yep definitely micro usb. Took hub apart and if I hold the connector just right... it works. since I have a new one on the way I may try to re-solder it.

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You may want to ask @lewis.heidrick, he has been known to be very generous to lend his soldering skills in the past.


Thank you for the reply... For now I am using a very sophisticated hardware hack to get it to work. (I have used tape to hold the micro usb power cable with tension on it while I back it up.) I had pretty much cleared everything off it anyway because of moving into new house.


Mine is also high tech - uses an elastic band to keep the USB lead tensioned just right


If you have ANY experience with a soldiering iron, fixing a loose micro USB is pretty easy. I am not pro but I have done it on a few devices over the years. Usually the grounds around the outside which also hold it in place is what breaks loose. So I just beef those up, and the actual connection probably doesn't need new solder, you just heat it for a second so it flows back together. Sometimes I add some hot glue after for extra reinforcement if needed.


I've done about 30 of these USB port repairs over the last 3 months and it really depends on when it broke loose and if it pulled up the traces or not. 9 out of 10 times it does and makes the repair much more difficult. Every damaged one that I've come across is the older C7's before they reinforced the connector.

It sounds like the traces may be fine and they just separated. You can send it to me if you want and I'll repair it for you. Just cover shipping.


Thanks, I may try after I get my new unit.

@lewis.heidrick Thanks for the offer, It looks like the traces just separated. I may take you up on your offer, depends on how solder happy I get :slight_smile: