No options for security pairing

I have a Fibaro 2 window contact sensor that refuses to ask me how I want it paired; it always pairs S0. My other ones asked me during the pairing process and I get to choose None.
How can I get the Z-Wave inclusion to ask me before hand as it has done in the past?

Unfortunately, the Z-Wave certification requires the hubs with 700 series chips (like the Hubitat C-7) not to offer a choice and pair S0 when it is an option available on the device.

When the device (contact sensor, switch, etc.) provide S2, the certification standard allow for an option to choose between S2 and none.

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I paired more than one identical switch and the others went to None as I desired.
Maybe a factory reset on the sensor will help.

I am not familiar with the Fibaro 2 window contact sensors, but I wonder if there could be a difference in firmware or model?

There are some devices that allow a specific pairing pattern that will disable S0 security.

I think I have also seen some rare instances where the hub didn’t detect that the device could do S0 and paired to None - I think this happened to me at least once, but can’t say for sure… and would be hard pressed to explain why! Maybe someone else in the community has more experience with this…

I just tried a factory reset and now it has gone to S2.
Mind of it's own :wink: