No notification on Pixel 6

I had this working at one point a month or two ago. But I no longer get notifications on my Pixel 6 with Hubitat app. On the phone settings Hubitat is allowed all notifications. Would it help to remove the Pixel 6 from devices, will it automatically reappear?

Does using the notification command from the device page work?


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Double check that you dont have 2 copies of your pixel like my image shows. They are the same phone but I renamed the original one to keep it straight. I dont know why the second one keeps popping up, I keep deleting it but it always comes back. Its not linked to any automations and seems useless.

I don't have two instances of the pixel 6.

I deleted the Pixel 6 but it has not come back. How do I add it to devices now. I have opened the Hubitat app, thinking Hubitat would see it.

In the Settings tab of the app you need to connect to the hub, if you haven't already

The problem was that the first phone I used with Hubitat was an LG phone. I haven't had that phone powered on in months. For some reason, if I send notification to that phone, the Pixel 6 gets the notification. Problem solved

When you connect to the hub on the Settings page of the Hubitat mobile app, you get a list of existing mobile devices configured on the hub. I can only guess you selected your LG phone when you last did this on your Pixel 6. When you see the selection of existing devices there is also a "Create New Device" button at the bottom of the screen, which you may want to do for your new phone. Remember you will need to update any automations on the HE hub currently pointing to the LG phone device.

Alternatively you could just rename the device on the HE hub. Or leave it as it is.

I renamed the LG phone to Pixel 6 and all is good. Still not sure why Pixel 6 was listed in devices originally.

If you had gone through the process of creating a new device at some point on your pixel 6 then it would have created that device.

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