No motion, light off

I need a rule that turns the light off when there is no motion.
I was recommended this rule. but this one doesnt work.
Any suggestions would be appreciated.

I believe the IF .. THEN should instead be a Simple Condition Action, with the Exit Rule as the action. Then it should work.

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Hmmm, not sure... I would choose the motion lighting app myself... But in terms of the rule...

If you want to continue with the rule the way it is, then you could replace the "Exit Rule" action with whatever you want to happen when motion is triggered, such as turning the Kitchen Light on. The actions following that could remain the same, providing a timeout when motion has stopped, turning the Kitchen light off.

Alternatively, if you DON'T want to handle turning lights ON when motion is detected, you could change the trigger to PIR Kitchen motion being INACTIVE and remove the Exit Rule action and the first Wait for condition on PIR Kitchen inactive, leaving the 5 minute timeout "wait" action and turning Kitchen light off action, triggered when no motion is detected.


Its there if kithcen light off then exit rule

No, it’s not. You chose the wrong type of conditional when adding the IF. Delete that IF action and the Exit Rule after it, change to choose “Simple Conditional Action”. Because of the way the RM editor works, you will add the Exit Rule action as the last step in adding the Simple Conditional Action.

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Unfortunately this rule still doesnt turn off the light :frowning:

Motion sensor xxxxx changed
Motion active
Turn on light.
Cancel delayed actions
Turn off delayed 0.0.30 cancelable

Very simple rule. Low overhead.
Light will turn off after a 30 second delay when motion is inactive.
You don't have to do this of course but thought I would show it.

Thank you. I dont want it to turn on , only off the light.

Motion sensor xxxx inactive
Turn off light.

what if motion happen again ? would it keep on the light ?

It will turn off when there is no motion.

The very simple rule above will only trigger when the motion sensor goes inactive.

What are you actually trying to achieve.

I'll still use this

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Turn on logging and post screen shots of the logs to show what's happening.

Hi Jason

This additional switches to turn off thing in the motion lighting seems to work!

Thank you very much

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