[No Longer Maintained] Withings Integration

Oh, I see. I have announcements setup to let me know when it syncs for all my devices.
It must be using some webhook as in under a minute of syncing I get notified.

yes, but my issue is that it does not sync to hubitat (or only did once like 15 hours ago)

How are you verifying it is syncing? For me its that the numbers change, not they match the app. In have read in many places that the app and the web numbers do not match for some reason.

same here, that the numbers change; but think it might be working now, i deleted once more the device and installed again

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Great app!
Just for your info - In your code for "Withings User", the documentation link takes me to the wrong place.
In fact it takes me to your hubitat vacationmanager github. This looks like an interesting app. Have you considered releasing it (apologies if you already have - I didn't see it in Package Manager)

Oops, sorry, I forgot the original reason for looking at your app code. I am using Hubitat Dashboard [RELEASE] Hubitat Dashboard - Android dashboard app - Developers / Code Share - Hubitat and I was trying to change the order of my Withings blood pressure data in that app (currently not possible in the app). So I edited your device driver to change the order of the attributes Systolic, Diastolic, Pulse, but nothing seems to have affected the order in the Device Driver screen nor (I guess as a result) in the android dashboard app.
Can you help me?

I’ll update the link. It’s not actually something I ever finished up.

Hubitat always displays them alphabetically. Drivers don’t have a way to customize this. This would require a Hubitat firmware change.

@dman2306 can correct me if I’m wrong, but I’m certain that this app already takes the change into account. Looking at the code, it uses the new endpoints associated with the change.

Yup you're correct, the change was introduced a few months ago.


Any idea why 2 of my 4 sleep pads would be reporting presence events but not sleep score (in the event log)?

Anything in logs?

No, but apparently redoing the authentication steps in the HE app reset things to working order. Strange that it lost its way for only 2 of 4 sensors. All working for now tho, and at least that's the first time it's happened ever.

It looks like Dominic just put an abbreviated header into each file, either unintentionally or intentionally. There's no license information, just a copyright notice. I'm not sure where that leaves this integration. Does anyone have a way to get in touch with Dominic to see if he can clarify this integration's license status, e.g., under Apache 2.0 so we can continue development?

EDIT: I forked and submitted a pull request on Github to clarify the license status.


I can’t seem to get any clarification on the license for this integration. Not answering issues or pull requests on GitHub. Anyone else have any ideas? Otherwise this integration is going to lead to a dead end when it needs revising to fix an API change.

@csteele Do you know what @dman2306's position is regarding his apps since you took over HPM?

Not a lawyer, but 2 ways I can think to approach this:

  1. Use the code as an abandoned work as it is marked “No Longer Maintained”

  2. Use it as the source for a derivative work
    a) Would need to acknowledge the original copyright

    b) dman2306 would retain all rights to the original code and may have some rights to the deriviative

I actually happen to be an IP attorney…without any granting of a license, we can’t do any of that. At least not legally. I saw in one of his posts for HPM that made it sound like he just didn’t even think about a license, so I suspect it is just an oversight on his part. Just proving challenging to get in touch with him.


There’s the problem … :rofl:


Ha, at least I’m not chasing ambulances! I just wish I had noticed this license issue earlier. Since using HPM, I haven’t had to even look at the code, so didn’t think about it. Maybe that was his plan all along with HPM :rofl:

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