[No Longer Maintained] Updated MyQ Lite Application Official Thread

It was specified in post 466 above. The Hubitat team have been informed - hopefully this is something that they can do!


I’m assuming that a try..catch block catches the exception too late?

The issue is that you need info in the response from the intermediate page, before following the redirect. So, you need an option to stop there before redirecting, so you can extract the data and form the proper response to the server. The exception occurs when trying to access the redirected URL, which is too late.

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Thanks for verifying, was away from where I could test…

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I was able to get Garadget working with my 8500W Liftmaster as expected. I used a zooz controller. But now how do I get a single door that tracks my tilt sensor and uses the Zooz to open and close? Or do I need two tiles for every door now, Open - Close - Then Tilt sensor read - open close?

Search for a virtual garage door opener and you’ll find several like this one:

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Got this hooked up over the weekend and works like a champ.


I'm literally working on my setup currently! Man I love toys!!!

I have a couple questions though for the forum to ensure I have this working properly.

I purchase the Zen17 and currently running this off an extra (mini) remote that I had laying around (soldered onto it). Current wiring = 1 wire from the remote going into (R1NO) and 1 wire going to (R1C). My questions have to with that wiring along with the built in Hubitat driver and overall settings.

Question 1: I believe that is the correct wiring? (R1 NO & R1 C)

Question 2: Under "Input Type Relay 1", I have this setup as "Garage Door". Is that correct for my this setup?

Question 3: Under the child (Relay 1), this gives me (Off, On, Refresh).

So far clicking it on, brings the door up , and clicking off closes the door. I just want to ensure that this is correct. Listening to the relay, I believe this seems to be functioning properly (Momentary) but I just wanted to double check before I button everything up.

Thanks in advance!

I didn't use the Zooz hardware, I used the zigbee dual relay mentioned above so I don't know what the Zooz driver looks like. I can say for certain that the wiring is correct across the C and NO terminals. Someone a little more familiar with the Zooz hardware setup may be able to confirm that config.

Appreciate it! Everything seems to be working great and very pleased to get the heck off of the MYQ cloud.

@Sebastien : I am still hopeful that a Cloud Based Solution using the MyQ system can be developed. I like the warning lights and sounds when garage is closed not using the standard remote.

The ST version is up and running but I know your not totally fond of that solutions but hoping to get something running.

Thanks for your efforts.



I imagine that @dman2306 will get this integration working if @gopher.ny can make the necessary platform changes to Hubitat.

However, what you want is easy to replicate using Hubitat-compatible devices. And if you use a Hubitat-compatible relay to control the motor, it comes with the advantage of being totally cloud-independent.


There are Zwave (and Zigbee?) sirens/strobes that can be utilized for this. The Zooz ZSE19 being one example, but there are others.


You could just convert your garage light (if you haven't already) to a ZW or ZBee controlled device and use that. Going all local does open up other possibilities.

That's a thought, but you would have to make the GD light be always on - most time out at some point. I ordered this one: AmazonSmile : Zooz Z-Wave Plus S2 MultiSiren ZSE19 with Temperature and Humidity Sensors : Electronics

Supposed to arrive today.

Sorry, I probably should have been clearer; I meant the garage general lighting, not the light on the opener. Regardless, the Zooz ZW+ siren will do nicely :slight_smile:


Any update on finding a work around from HE or ST as of now? hope someone working on it

We know how to fix it, but there is a problem with implementing the fix. There are details upthread a bit.

I would not expect this to get fixed any time soon. I would advise finding an alternative way to control the door. There are threads about how to do so, this being one. Local Control Options for MyQ Garage Door Openers


Ok just so I have this right...

-Chamberlain changed their API which broke the MyQ Lite app in smartthings.
-The Hubitat app is a port of that so it's also broken.
-The dev for MQL fixed it in ST, but the dev who ported it to HE doesn't like the ST devs implementation and so has handed it over to HE devs to fix the backend token part first
-The HE devs are saying don't hold your breath, so we should buy other devices/relays and make those work instead?

Doesn't this complicate the whole thing and make more expense for people when really the dirty ST solution could be ported and implemented in the meantime until the proper HE token support is there?

*Not a dev or trying to be pushy ... just trying to understand the situation and justify more add-ons

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Unfortunately that is one of the issues when we rely on reverse engineered, community projects. When it breaks you are at the mercy of the community.

I've seen over the years where dev's have moved on and left projects that had users highly invested. Its just the way things are.

This is the 3rd time something like this has happend that I've seen over the years with MyQ... trying to find another solution now may just be the best option to prevent having to deal with this next time it happens.

I swear the MyQ people do it on purpose and watch the forums the day after.


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