[No Longer Maintained] Updated MyQ Lite Application Official Thread

Hi. Welcome to the forum. Not a dumb question.

If you use the no sensor driver then you do not get an updated open / close status.

Not sure what the MyQ sensor is but I purchased an ST multi sensor and stuck it on my door and set it up in garage door mode in the driver. Then I installed the driver with sensor support.

In dashboard the garage door icon changes for open and close. I also installed the buttons and they work from the dashboard. I haven’t integrated yet into any rules but I assume pushing the buttons from RM is the expected way to use them.

Thanks Steve. In the MyQ package, you have the hub which sends the signal to the garage door opener and you have a sensor that you attach to the garage door and senses whether it’s in a vertical (closed) or horizontal (open) position. The sensor communicates its status to the hub. I assume that the door myQ sensor uses a special frequency and that signal is not captured by HE but I thought that the myQ hub would share its status with HE. Is that not the case?

That is not the case.


Yeah as @aaiyar stated, this driver requires a tilt sensor connected directly to HE. I did not have a sensor with my MyQ Ethernet dongle but in your case, I bet the sensor is locked to the MyQ and it will not share it’s status.

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Thank you for the clarification! As I paid $30 for each myQ, adding an extra $20 sensor to complement the one that is already working seems redundant but I read in another thread that you can trigger a virtual HE switch from IFTTT. As myQ is integrated with IFTTT, I will try that approach. Thanks again -- I am really impressed with the forum responsiveness!

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Yes, you can certainly do that. And if in place of the built-in virtual switch driver, you use a "virtual contact with switch driver", like this one, then you can use it as a switch in IFTTT and a contact sensor for the MyQ app in Hubitat.

As IFTTT toggles the switch (based on information from the IFTTT MyQ integration), the contact sensor would present as "open" or "closed" in Hubitat.


Even better. Thanks!

I'm a Hubitat newby. I got the MyQ Lite setup and had it running with an On and Off switch until I got my Smartthings sensors installed today. I've changed the drivers on the Garage Name (MJ's Garage). I've got the garage position tiles in my Dashboard.

What I'm trying to do is create buttons in my dashboard that will show the status AND open and close the garage doors. Can someone help me out with setting that up?

Use the Garage (control) template for your Dashboard tile as shown below:


I've got it set like that and the tile says "closing" under the door. The door itself isn't doing anytihng.

I got it. I had to completely delete the App and Drivers and re-install. It works now.

Now to figure out how to get Alexa to do it. LOL

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FWIW, from the world of things that make you say huh, when you use the Hubitat Google Home App, it finds and can add both @dman2306 's "Garage Door Opener" and "Garage Door Closer" devices to Google Home.

I'll sidestep the correct warning for not making an "Open the Garage Door" Google Assistant routine, but can say, I'm loving the heck out of my new "Release the Kraken," "Let Loose the Dogs of War," and "To the Bat Cave" routines. Added bonus, subsequent close routines has the garage door opener sound an alarm and flash its light...

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To continue the conversation started in the Smartly Thread....

I THINK the driver you mentioned is the one I'm using, but I will check when I get home. My OLD configuration wasn't pulling status, I just created the two buttons, then used custom icons.

Like I said, I'll check the driver when I get home, but other than that I have the MyQ installed in the Garage and the tilt sensor that came with the product on the door. Are users adding additional tilt sensors to pull status then? Do you keep both of them so MyQ and HE can get status, or is there another sensor I need to get that works with both?

As always, this community is awesome and I appreciate all the help, work and support you all give!

MyQ really tries very hard NOT to integrate with other platforms. They actually just announced that their (only?) official integration with Wink will end on 6/1.

I don't own the MyQ tilt sensor (I have a Craftsman opener that didn't have such a sensor). That being said, I have a contact sensor (ST multipurpose sensor) on the door that I use with the MyQ Lite integration. They're about $18 on Amazon so not too bad to add!


This one?


I just installed a couple of these on my front and back doors. And plan to add some more for windows, love them so far, adding 1 for the garage door isnt a deal breaker. Does it continue to work with MyQ as in will it know if the door is open or close, or does that not really matter?

I am just trying to automate the parts of my house that is needed, but really would like to NEVER open the other apps....

That is the sensor I use. It doesn't change the way that MyQ works, that sensor only supplements Hubitat.

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Yup that's the one (there are cheaper brands out there too... things add up when you need a million sensors!)

I agree, I'm at the point where I've gotten my app usage down to just a few, HEOS, and Ring). Working on getting it down to zero!

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If you have a GoControl contact (door/window) sensor (WADWAZ-1), it can be converted very easily into a tilt sensor by connecting a tilt switch (costs about 50 cents or less) to the external contacts. Here's an example from my garage door.


@dman2306 HEOS, really? I saw that my new Denon (basically bought for atmos) had this feature, but havent even looked at it. What functionality do you gain out of it? I could probably be convinced. Honestly havent even dug into what all my new receiver can do in the connected category....

I have a bunch of HEOS speakers around the house (plus in the AVR) and I use them for text to speech announcements and music control. I have a HEOS integration for HE built, there is also a built in device driver for Denon AVRs.

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