[No Longer Maintained] Sensor Groups+

You shouldn't need to. Can you give me a screenshot of the Device Information pane for one of the devices? Think I have an idea of what's going on.

Yup - picking up Device Name. Probably need to look for Device Label first and fall back to Device Name if there's no label.

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Yep...I was using the device name instead of the device label...what I get for using virtuals to test instead of real devices.

Fix has been pushed as version 1.3.1, but this causes another problem where if the label is blank, the value comes back as null. I'm going to have to add some logic to use the label first and fallback to the name if it's empty.

EDIT: The fix was simpler than I assumed. Version 1.3.2 has been pushed. @danabw you may need to change the state of one device (close/open) to get the list to update.

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Correct! Triggered one device and all updated. Winner Winner Chicken Dinner!! :slight_smile:


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Version 1.3.3 Released

I've added the ability to set a threshold to any group.

NOTE: You WILL have to click through each group that's already made to set the threshold value. The value is defaulted to 1, so if you want any device change to update the virtual, just click through.

Just a reminder, only the state change event will only have the device list in the %text% field. The *list attribute will still always update.

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I'm currently using Simple Groups for grouping devices and that app allows for setting a minimum time open and minimum time closed value before the app considers a device in the group as open or closed.

Is this something that you would consider adding to your app?

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I'll give this a "maybe" but it did queue me to make a feature request section in the third post:

Version 1.3.4 Released

Sorry folks...had a human error in the last release causing problem for contact sensors. Update is to fix that issue.


Version 1.4.3 Released

This version adds a new child app for checking windows for whole house fans. There is an option in the app to add a sensor for a door that, if closed, will cause the app to ignore the status of the windows and mark them all as closed. Multiple door sensors can be selected. If any of the doors are closed, the windows will be ignored.


Version 1.5.0 Released

  1. Added a new combined device driver. This will take the place of the individual drivers, hopefully to streamline future maintenance.
  2. Added support for temp and humidity groups. These will provide the min, max, and average temp and humidity reading from the selected sensors.
  3. Removed the whole house fan child app. That has been forked off into it's own app called "Window Tracker.

New instances of the child apps will use the combined device driver. Existing devices created by the child apps will need to be manually updated. I plan to push an update to the individual devices to throw a log entry and a device attribute entry advising everyone to swap the device. Shortly thereafter, I will be removing the individual device drivers from the code.


You're moving at the speed of light!

[Looking madly for the five-hearts button...]


Not sure if I'm being particularly thick, or this is still on the ToDo list....?

I installed this to combine lights (also got switches). I can't seem to figure this one out.


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My intent starting this was to group devices more for monitoring purposes (and because it simplified the coding with only having to worry about one way commands). Plus there are already the built-in apps for grouping switches. Are you just looking for the rollup monitoring that I've done with the other sensors?

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Yup, just for monitoring purposes.

I. E "any lights on at all, on floor 1", etc. Good for dashboard.

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I'll add it to the list.

Version 1.6.0 Released

Added switch groups.

  • NOTE: These will not be able to be nested. The virtual device does not have the switch capability listed since it automatically adds the on/off commands. This may be a platform limitation that can't be worked around. I'll do some more digging.



1 hour response time! What a legend. Cheers!


Apologies, I'm going to work with him and get that down to 38 minutes.



Version 1.7.4 Released

Pretty big update from my point of view.

All child apps are now optional

  • After upgrading to this version, the "Modify" feature in HPM can be used to remove any unneeded child apps.
  • The parent app will dynamically update the child app listing based on which of the child apps' code are installed.

The deprecated drivers are now optional:

  • For now, I'm leaving them in case someone needs to repair the driver.
  • If you have existing devices, you can manually update them to the new combined driver "Sensor Groups+_OmniSensor"
  • All child app instances created after v1.5.0 will use the new combined driver.

Version 1.7.5 Released

Added lux sensors.
Minor updates to some of the text in the app setup pages.


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