[No Longer Maintained] Sensor Groups+

Version 1.6.0 Released

Added switch groups.

  • NOTE: These will not be able to be nested. The virtual device does not have the switch capability listed since it automatically adds the on/off commands. This may be a platform limitation that can't be worked around. I'll do some more digging.



1 hour response time! What a legend. Cheers!


Apologies, I'm going to work with him and get that down to 38 minutes.



Version 1.7.4 Released

Pretty big update from my point of view.

All child apps are now optional

  • After upgrading to this version, the "Modify" feature in HPM can be used to remove any unneeded child apps.
  • The parent app will dynamically update the child app listing based on which of the child apps' code are installed.

The deprecated drivers are now optional:

  • For now, I'm leaving them in case someone needs to repair the driver.
  • If you have existing devices, you can manually update them to the new combined driver "Sensor Groups+_OmniSensor"
  • All child app instances created after v1.5.0 will use the new combined driver.

Version 1.7.5 Released

Added lux sensors.
Minor updates to some of the text in the app setup pages.


Potential addition - I see you have MaxTemp and MinTemp for temperature groups - I assume that's the max temp and minimum temp of that day? Regardless, the max/min of the day and week could be good to add for temp, humidity, and even lux.

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It's the current min and max readings for the group. I'll add an attribute to show which sensors they are.

I can look into options for day/week. I'd have to figure out how to make a persistent variable that can survive a reboot.

Version 1.8.0 Released

  • Added power meters
  • Fixed sorting of the child apps in the parent app page.

Version 1.8.1 Released

Added the switch capability to the app device. This automatically adds the on/off commands. The buttons will do nothing. If you click them anyways, they will tell you in three different ways that they do nothing.

This does allow the switch child apps to be nested though.


FYI: Got these errors today - appears resulting from HPM scheduled auto-update session:

Let me know if I fat-fingered something... :slight_smile:

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Interesting. That's one of the child apps that I removed. Odd that HPM is checking for an update when it's not part of the manifest anymore. Can you try doing a repair on the app in HPM to see if it uninstalls the Attic Fan app?

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I ran repair on the app and things looked the same after. Still had the groups+ group of contacts for my attic fan contact sensor check.

Same error when I run an update in HPM (no update is offered for your app):

2022-10-16 12_55_25-Chrome Main

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Ah...yeah, I think it'll try to hold onto it if you have the app in-use. I removed that child app once I released the Window Tracker app.

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K, I'll kill it. I haven't set up some contact sensors I need yet to make things work the way I want to, so no loss. :slight_smile:

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Has anyone identified any needed improvements or any issues?


Damn thing just works, really dependable! :slight_smile: I don't have any additional requests at the moment.


Not sure if it is even possible (and would it be something that you are interested of) but you mentioned power meters. Is there a possibility to add a "cost" for power consumption? I mean user could add cost (€/$)/kwh to somewhere in settings (virtual device created) and your app would calculate kwh * cost and print it out to be used as variable?

I would love to see how much my dishwasher and washing machine usage costs per day/month/year. And when it's showed as variable then it can be used in SharpTools and where ever needed.

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Not with the power device, but I have been working on an energy app that would allow for this. It would be dependent on the energy reading from the device(s) to be accurate.


I just installed it for a bunch of power monitors. Damn, it was easy compared to creating all those variables, etc, manually. Have not done more with it yet, like how many sensors have to change before total changes, etc.


Version 1.8.2 Released

Pretty minor update. I've removed the old drivers from my Github repo and as optional for installation. If you have existing devices, you can manually update them to the new combined driver "Sensor Groups+_OmniSensor".

For the power app, I added a JSON list of the devices with their individual power values to the child device.


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