No Include Button on Z-Wave Details page

I'm at the point where I need to Include my Z-Wave devices.
I'm starting with a couple of New Zooz devices.
On the Z-Wave Details page there is no Include Button, so how do I tell the Hub that I want to all a Z-Wave device to the network?

Hubitat ElevationĀ® Platform Version
Hardware Version Rev C-7

Go to the Devices page, and click Add Device.


Ok, Found it. Thanks.

All Z-Wave devices but the Kwikset door locks are included.
They say the hub needs to be within a couple of feet for the lock for the Exclude/Include action to take place so I will need to move the hub near each door.
I can use that 100' Ethernet cable and a USB Battery for this task.

Turns out I didn't have to play games to get the Doors to Include.
I Excluded them from the Hub then Included no need to move the Hub.
Maybe the Wall Switches having been Included the day before helped with Z-Wave Repeating.

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Loving the new wizards, by the way... saves lots of separate lookups.

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