No feed back on dashboard for activation of light switch in real world

Hi All, New to HE!

Just started off by tuya converting OTA a Brilliant Smart Wifi Dimmer Mech Switch (Smart Dimmer Mech - BrilliantSmart), which work perfectly.
Have connected it to HE via Tasmota Device manager and created a button on the dashboard.
All works fine.
When the physical button/switch is activated the connected downlight turns on but the HE dashboard does not change states to on to match the whats happening in the real world.

Is this suppose to happen? Can anyone help if there is a setting for this?


Can you post a screenshot of your config of the butotn I'd like to see how it's configured under the + I would like to know what lines are highlighted behind the scenes.

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When you say 'button on dashboard' do you mean a tile? If so which tile template did you pick?

If you are truly using the 'button' tile template you won't get any dash update, as a "button" tile does not have states like a switch/dimmer. Make sure you are using the "dimmer" or switch template for your dashboard tile.

@april.brandt says please post a shots of you configs and we'll get it figured out.

Thanks all, i have it sorted, i hadn't added the configuration of TuyaMCU and DimmerRange in the tasmota console.

Thanks again