No Dashboard or lights/switches visible in app

I went on vacation and when I returned, my Hub has been wonky. To start, the App won't show anything without connecting to the hub. When I go to the Lights/Switches tab, it's completely blank. The dashboard tab gives me the "Hub unavailable" message. When I go to select hub on the settings tab, I get the "timed out waiting for mobile app devices" error. I'm unable to read notifications due to the "invalid token" error. I've tried a soft restore and restoring to a prior back-up that worked.

If I connect to the hub, I can see everything without issue, when on my network.

Am I doing something wrong?

Based on the details shared, the problem is not with the hub itself, but rather with the mobile app. Have you tried logging out of the app from the Settings tab, then selecting the hub again?

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