No cloud backup on one of my Hubs

For about a week now one of my hubs backs up to the cloud just fine and the other hub cannot backup to the cloud. There is no error message that I can see it spins and looks like a backup is run but this shows on the backup screen:

Cannot fetch backups for null

Possibly not connected to the cloud server?

Go to My Hubitat and Registered Hubs.
If greyed out it is probably not "online" with the cloud server. If you click Hub Details it will show you the last time it checked in.

From the hub you can also Go to Settings > Network > Network test and try to ping

Most common cause would be a DNS issue, either static IP set incorrectly or overly restrictive firewall / dns blocking.

I haven't see that message before, mind sending me a private message along with your hub ID?

If you select " Reload backups now" what happens?


Only one backup listed online from the manual I did this morning.

An automatic backup ran last night so I think whatever this "fluke" is, has gone away with the reboot:

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I checked your hub and the "fluke" was because the hub kept disconnecting from the cloud. There is no history on frequent cloud disconnects, so it could have been a fluke on your network side.