No Capabilities being shown on Drivers list

While trying to check updates on things - I realized I can't track down devices with specific capabilities although it is offered.
On my Driver Code page (under developer) I get a listing of all user created/managed drivers and a column exists called 'Capabilities'.
I can toggle the header for asc/desc but there is no data. Is this a legacy column or a problem with functionality on page?

None of my hubs have anything in that column. Years ago I created an App to enumerate the Attributes, Capabilities and Commands.

You can select all your devices or just a subset.

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Thanks ! was a step ahead of you on this! I saw it as I was looking at Package Explorer! Much obliged for all you do!

While this may or may not help me today - do you have an thoughts about why the drivers code page is non-functional?

I don't know but I'd vote for your conclusion... a legacy column.

I think this is a newly introduced bug. I remember seeing things there before, and I was able to downgrade one of my hubs to 2.2.7, and I see things there. I don't appear to have 2.2.8 available on this one, so I can't tell exactly when it broke, but either there or 2.2.9 would be the only guesses, I suppose. :slight_smile:

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