No "Alert" for Available Firmware Updates

I haven't seen the "Update Available" symbol for the past 3-4 revisions; clicking the word balloon only reveals "No Alerts."

But clicking SETTINGS > CHECK FOR UPDATES indicates a pending revision has been pushed, which I often only hear about because someone posted in the Forum.

Is there some way to 'reset' this indicator? Perhaps by rebooting my C-7 hub?

The frequency that it checks is a very long time.

I'll wait for @thebearmay to finish typing. He's got a great solution for you.


It’s been a while since I asked about this (years) but I want to say that the UI only polls this a couple of times a day which one of the reasons I put it into Hub Information.


Gotta say for the umpteenth time that I LOVE your Hub Info Device solution, and find myself using it on just such occasions. My only concern was that I had inadvertently done or tweaked something which caused the native Alerts to be delayed or terminated.

Especially when they used to happen (seemingly) much quicker. Next time I hear of a firmware update, I will intentionally wait an extra few days to see what happens.

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I have it just haven't pulled the trigger on the 134 update yet.

Thanks glad you find it useful. Don’t recall a UI setting for limiting notifications, but guessing the mobile app might have some settings via the phone OS.

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RM Using @thebearmay's Hub Info V3 to speak the firmware update notice on my TTS devices, put a Notice on my dashboard with the Alert Tile app, and send the notice to my HE phone app


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