Nmap running every 30 seconds




I've had it for about 6 months now. Anything specific you want to know?


I guess what I am most concerned about is that I am NOT a network engineer by any stretch, and I want to make sure my home network is fairly secure. I recently set up a VPN in my router and now I am even more paranoid! So do you think Fingbox would be good for somebody like me? Is there anything you think it can't do that should also be done? I've been through some "secure your router" instructions so hopefully everything is OK there, but at the very least I want to be sure only people/devices I know about are on my network. Hope this makes sense...I may not even be sure what I want :crazy_face:!


It does a log of stuff that can be done by other tools but rolled up into one simple interface.

Some examples include

  • monitor network and notify for new devices that connected
  • monitor firewall for open ports
  • monitor network speeds and report daily on the latest test speeds
  • has wifi intrusion protection (not sure what this does as I have no alerts on it)

My network setup is using pfsense as my router and eero for my access points so I have visibility into a lot of that but its not nicely bundled up.

You can also do things like restrict access to the internet from certain devices, like turning off your kids internet during dinner time.

It also has IFTTT integration so you can integrate it into HE for network presence detection.

And finally you also get notifications if your network/fingbox goes offline (via their cloud service) so you can monitor the home network connection.


@gavincampbell, thank you for the info, that is helpful. Do you know if you can use the Maker API to do presence notification from the Fingbox? So far I've not needed IFTTT for anything so would prefer not to have to use that.

@corerootedxb, would also appreciate your thoughts after you have used it, especially anything you think might be missing from a security standpoint.

Thanks all, appreciate the help!


I've been using Fing since before there was a FingBox. I bought my FingBox while they were still on KickStarter maybe 2 years ago. Love It!!!


Unfortunately for that feature you will need IFTTT. They just added that recently. They don't have a local API. But like I said, there are other ways of doing most of these things without reliance on cloud services. This is one of them.


Anyone here using a pi for the purpose of a OpenVPN server via piVPN?
How is it working? Do a pi have enough horsepower to handle that?


I had it running for a while on RPi3B. It wasn't too bad. Performance was acceptable, but nothing compared to a dedicated device. Honestly, I would scour eBay for a router that can run Merlin (or OpenTomato or DDWRT) and make that into a VPN server, you'll get a lot better performance.

But, for basic usage, a RPi will work a treat.


Actually, I do run it on a Asus RT-AC88U (love those 8 ethernet connections at the back).

However, when I deliver a system to a client, since I'm using the RPI for the Google Assistant Relay, I thought I would also put on it PiVPN to allow a client to have OpenVPN access to his local Hubitat.


For something like that, yeah, a RPi would work perfectly.


Yeah PiVPN should be good for the basic use like that. You could always find a more powerful SBC, especially one that can run OpenWRT.

Spinning up a minimal install on a Pi is good, but some of the purpose built distros (OpenWRT and the like) make it quicker and easier, plus you can quickly add additional apps. You can use the WiFi and ethernet to do cool things with OpenWRT on a Pi. :blush:

I highly recommend Odroid, there are other good boards, but the biggest thing for SBCs is OS support. Going with a Pi is always an easy choice because OS and package support is great and it’s cheap. But if you spend just a bit more on a different board you can fully saturate gig ethernet, have a data port, etc, etc. You can run Android on several of the Odroid boards which is nice.

I would stay away from Libre Computer’s Le Potato cause they just don’t have good support which is a shame. Also stay away from the one multi-port Banana Pi, the price is good, but the ethernet bus is shared and there are vulnerabilities with that board.