Nighthawk RAX70 static IP address for Hubitat

Pretty clueless when it comes to this. I’ve just switched on and registered my Hubitat hub, currently going through firmware updates. I hear it’s best to assign a static IP address.
Would anyone be willing to help a guy out haha. Is it easy and is it the best way to have it set up?


Do it through your router as a reservation in your DHCP settings instead.

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Agreed! Log into your router and set it up there.

Take a look in your router’s manual for instructions on setting a DHCP reservation. It’s a slightly different process for each router, but yours no doubt supports the feature.

I agree with the other folks here that the place to do it is in you ISP router as long as you have you rax70 setup in Access Point mode.

If you have it set up in Bridge mode or in Router mode, then you will need to do it in the rax70.