Night Light Dimming

I am attempting to rebuild a rule that I had created within WebCore that does the following. (I had a screenshot but the forum won't let me post it...)

  1. At Sunset, set Kitchen light to 100%
  2. At 11:00pm, set Kitchen light to 1%
  3. At 5:00am, set Kitchen light to 100%
  4. At Sunrise, turn off Kitchen Light

I'm having a really hard time building something that would allow me to Dim in the middle of my rule without creating a second rule to handle this.

Are there any suggestions on how this could be accomplished?

RM is like lego blocks, I think you should create 4 triggers.

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Yup, 4 rules. Easy peasy.

Do you have different modes to go along with your times? Or is time separate from modes?

You could actually do this with two rules.

First, time between Sunset and 11pm. When true, set dimmer to 100%. When false, set dimmer to 1%.

Second, time between 5am and sunrise. When true, set dimmer to 100%. When false, turn off. As long as sunrise always happens after 5am this would be fine. If sunrise ever happens before 5am this would cause problems.

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I was actually just building something really similar to that, but that is absolutely perfect. Thanks for the detailed response!

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