Nexx Smart Wi-Fi Garage Door Controller NXG-200

Does anyone know of Nexx function for Hubitat?

It appears that your only option would be to create a virtual device in HE and then use IFTTT to control your actual Nexx GDO. This would mean that the control would not be local and would not work if you lost internet or if IFTTT was down.


Unless you have already purchased a Nexx garage opener, can I recommend you not do so. With Hubitat, you can use any Hubitat-controlled plug, an automotive relay, and a contact/tilt sensor to create a Hubitat-integrated garage door opener. Best of all no cloud dependence.

Here's a thread that describes one way to do so:

There are plenty of links in that thread describing how to put one together. Doesn't take more than 30 minutes, and costs $30-40 in total.

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Thanks for the great ideas. No I have not bought anything yet. I will read over this and make a decision. Thanks so much.

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If you have any questions - just ask away. There are lots of ways in Hubitat to turn on a plug for a defined short pulse (like 100 ms or 200 ms) to simulate a button push. I did it by modifying a driver for the Peanut plug (a zigbee plug), but you could use rule machine.

There's also this collection of useful apps by @asj. One of them is called "when_on_then_off"; it does exactly what you would want for a GDO button.

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Nothing will break your garage door opener either if the button is pushed for a full second. So, nothing will happen if your relay is closed for a whole second either. It doesn't have to be that short a pulse.

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Good to know. I see Patsy's back.

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Thanks so much for your help.

I have a Marantec Synergy 260. I have been reading it is not compatible with much.

I hope I can come up with something that will make Hubitat and it work.

The approach described in the zigbee garage opener thread will work, with possibly slight modifications, with any garage door opener.

I would like to think I am a geek but you guys are wicked smart. I think this might be over my head. Worries me to do something wrong. Kinda wish there was a out of the box option.

I have 2 of these to tell me the state of the door.

Monoprice Z-Wave Garage Door Sensor, NO LOGO

However they both stopped working on Sept.

I removed them and have added them back but I can't get them to work properly.

Guess I could start with some new ones.

Trust me - this is not difficult to do at all.

I don't know anything about those monoprice sensors, but I have seen posts where the "ball-bearing" switch in those was replaced by a mercury switch. And they supposedly work much better.

The Nexx keeps calling my name for my garage door isn't compatible with anything else. This might not be Hubitat compatible but I could open and close and tell the state of the garage via their app. Thinking out loud.

I don't want to press the issue, but that statement is erroneous.

I downloaded the manual for the Marantec Synergy 260/270/280 - they are all 100% compatible with a pre-built z-wave solution like the GoControl GD00Z or FortrezZ Mimolite, or with the zigbee solution in the thread linked above.

Then, for the heck of it, I googled "Controlled Marantec Synergy 260 with GoControl GD00Z" - there's a lot of reports of people using them (using the terminals documented in the manual).

For example, here's a thread on the old Vera forums. Look specifically the posts linked below, one of which is by @cybrmage (who is a Hubitat developer now).,35153.msg259257.html#msg259257,35153.msg259281.html#msg259281,35153.msg259282.html#msg259282,35153.msg259290.html#msg259290

You may feel most comfortable using the Nexx Garage product, which is totally fine.

However, it is incorrect to state that the Marantec Synergy 260 isn't compatible with anything else (such as a z-wave or zigbee solution that would integrate with Hubitat).

Wow. Guess I was wrong.

I think am going to buy the GoControl/Linear GD00Z-4 Z-Wave Garage Door Opener Remote Controller

Does it matter which wire goes in the 3 or 4? Read some think about the black and white wires but they both look white.

Looks like the Marantec has two terminals 3 & 4 on the head unit that should work with the Linear GD00Z

Nope. Its just contact closure. And if for some bizarre reason, that doesn't work with your specific unit, you can always connect the GD00Z to either the wall button, or a battery-powered remote.

I just stumbled on this thread looking to ask the same question. I have the Nexx opener and I like it a lot but wish it integrated with Hubitat. I will say that the geofencing in their app is simply fantastic. Whatever way their app tracks location for geofence triggers to open and close the door is amazing reliable. I wish the Hubitat app geofencing worked even half as well as theirs.

If anyone has a thought on how this could even be built, please let me know.



I am still with ST as of now.
Hubitat is my next move....if the ST Ship sinks

I'm only responding because the technology gods and at least 3 developers on 3 HE integrations have performed miracles for me in the last 60 days and I'm feeling very blessed​:heart_eyes::smiling_face_with_three_hearts:

I've already changed garage door handlers twice and this one worked best on ST. It's the only device still on my ST hub and I'd REALLY like to get it working on HE rather than buying a THIRD garage door handler. It works with Alexa but not in a capacity that you can run routines off of it.

It doesn't even have to be local. If we can hook it up to an API, I'm fine with that as long as I can get the device into HE and subsequently Webcore, that's all I require.

I'm really great at copying and pasting logs :laughing: