Next Step with Hubitat -- AGSHome Motion Sensor Configuration?

So, bought a AGSHome Motion Sensor, and it connected to Hubitat in a flash. I created rules to turn a light inside the house on and off (with a delay on the later) when the sensor detects motion outside in the area of our trail cams so we can know when there's activity (instead of just waiting to check the cams in the AM). It's pretty cool.

BUT, what I'm searching for is any way to set/configure the motion sensor itself, e.g. motion sensor sensitivity, enable/disable the red 'blink' when motion is detected, et cetera. The instructions try to route you to use the Smart Life app (something I don't want to do and, simply put, can't do because my only Zigbee network is, you guessed it, Hubitat). It's a good, little device. It's just, is there any way to configure it?

The device page in Hubitat doesn't offer much, but then again I'm still pretty new to digging into all that's possible with Hubitat. Any advice or pointers would be much appreciated!

Are you sure the device supports configuring those options?

Thought I read somewhere about adjusting sensitivity, i.e. the threshold where the sensor would report 'active', but can't find that . . . and like a lot of low-level tech these days, finding a manufacturer website or a manual or tech specs can be near impossible. Just throwing it out to the community in case someone has a breadcrumb to follow.

Maybe you can email their tech support for parameters and use the z-wave tool to configure them

..think it's zigbee

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