Newbie questions

Just moved from ST to Hubtat and love how easy everything is to install:)
Have som questions which I hope someone can answer.

What´s the differenct between the Amazon Echo app and the Amazon Echo skill?

I have some Hue lights and also the Hue Hub they all came in nice in the Hubitat but do I really need the Hue Hub or can I pair the bulbs directly?
Why I'm asking is when I use the app for Amazon everything is listed twice which is annyoing

Thank¨s in advance

For the answer to your Alexa question check out this post.

Welcome to the Hubitat Community!

Keeping your Hue Bridge and using the Hue Integration is a great idea. It keeps the Hue bulbs off your Hubitat Zigbee network, and lets them operate perfectly between each other. If you mix Zigbee bulbs and Zigbee devices on a single network, devices will try to route through the bulbs to complete the mesh network. The bulbs will drop the connection and devices will fall off the network. Sengled bulbs are an exception, because they do not route signals at all.

Keep the Hue. I have, and it works great. No issues with devices dropping. Be sure to add repeaters to the Hubitat Elevation though. The bulbs have each other to route through on the Hue Bridge, but the battery Zigbee devices you’ll add to HE will not route the Zigbee network signal to other devices to complete the mesh, you need a mains powered device for that. In fact, you need several.

Depends on where you are in the world, but IKEA TRÅDFRI outlets and repeaters are inexpensive in the US and Canada. They are not powerful, but one repeater for every six devices is a number I’ve read. I have a small house and I have three. No issues with dropping devices. I currently have 26 Zigbee devices paired to my HE hub. Three on the way, and another trip for meatballs and repeaters. :grinning:

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In the Alexa app you will find a setting to exclude Hue devices from Alexa discovery. I recently moved over my Hue bulbs to the Hubitat and have had no issues but as @SmartHomePrimer said repeaters are the key. I just happen to have several mains powered devices that are also strong repeaters.

An advantage of directly connecting them is the response for lighting rules is much faster as the devices state is known much quicker.

But those with complex systems swear by offloading their Zigbee bulbs to a dedicated hub. Either the hue bridge or another HE. So it boils down to what you have for devices.

It doesn't hurt to try and if you find your battery powered devices aren't functioning properly, then put them back on the bridge.

Straight from an expert on the subject..

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No doubt. I was just sharing that for me, I haven't had any issues. I have about 36 Zigbee devices and in all fairness, I should have mentioned they are just lighting, micro modules, and touch panels. No Zigbee sensors, locks, or anything like that. I do like the faster status updates of my hue bulbs being direct when it comes to rules. But as my system grows I will undoubtedly have to be conscious of the issue.

Do you mean under Skills and Games? or how do I exclude them?

From the main Hubitat page, select "apps". Amazon Echo Skill should be at the top. Select that and scroll down to the bottom. You will see an on/off toggle button to include or exclude Hue devices.