Newbie Question on Virtual Button

I'm trying to create a Dashboard tile that is like the short "slider" type button used in real on/off devices. I need it to turn on and off multiple devices from the dashboard.

I created a virtual device with one button, but the device itself does nothing. Where/how do I specify what other (real) devices are turned on/off by this Dashboard tile?

Perhaps I'm misunderstanding, but I just use RM to set up what I want to happen when the virtual button/switch is pushed or turned on. You could use Basic Rules or WebCore etc too - whatever rule-creating app you prefer.

The virtual button on the standard HE dashboard gives no visual feedback when pressed but they do work. I use one myself.

AN option would be to use a virtual switch. You can set virtual switches to auto turn off after a second. So when you turn on the switch you will get feedback and the switch will turn itself back off again. So it could be used as a button of sorts.


i second this. i do this for so many things, and getting the visual feedback of the virtual switch turning on then back off helps me confirm it went through