Newbie question from an oldie. Run actions of a rule with restrictions

I am not a newbie but this feels like a newbie question as I haven't used this exact facility much.

I want to run a rule (which is an action with a restriction if a certain switch is on) from another rule.

I have a choice of "run actions of" or "evaluate" this rule to run it from the second rule. I presume that "run actions" would run the actions of the rule regardless of the restriction, and "evaluate" rule would only run the actions if the restriction allowed it. Is that correct?

I have read the documentation but am still slightly unsure as "evaluate" seems to apply more to a rule with conditions rather than a restriction, and equally "run actions" might take restrictions into account too.

Evaluate rule is not used for actions. Evaluate rule is to force evaluate the truth state of another rule. You want to use run the action. If a restriction is in place, the action will not run when called from another rule. The restriction has a higher priority than the call to run it from the other rule. I use this method quite often.

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