Newbie help with hive motion sensor

Hi, I'm moving from hive to hubitat. The Hive bulbs and Hive contact sensors work with the generic zigbee drivers but I'm having problems with the Hive motion sensor.

as far as i can tell there is no inactive being reported by the sensor. The "Last Activity At" section on the driver page shows an up to date time but the "Current States" always shows "Active"
I can change it to inactive by using the virtual motion sensor driver and then swap back to the generic driver and as soon as motion is detected it changes to active again.

I have tried all the other drivers with no luck, like advised in this post: Orvibo Motion sensor need help with driver

Reading other posts I see @mike.maxwell has been very helpful and added devices to the generic driver, is that something you can do hear or will it need a custom driver?

I've included the device info if your able to help.

ID: 3BB6
Product Name:
Model Number: MOT003
deviceTypeId: 176
manufacturer :
idAsInt : 6
inClusters : 0000,0001,0003,0020,0402,0406,0500
endpointId : 06
profileId : 0104
application : 05
outClusters : 0019
initialized : true
model : MOT003
stage : 4

you might try the philips hue motion sensor driver, if that one does no better then a custom driver I'm afraid...

I tried the Hue driver with no luck.
been looking into this more and found a smartthings driver, thought i might be able to port it over but reading through the post they basically say its no good for the hive motion sensor. They recommend using the Orvibo Motion Sensor driver, which brings me back to the link mentioned above.

I've played about with some code but i'm no good at it, The sensor doesn't send an inactive notification so it needs to be done in the code. is that something that could be added into the generic driver as an option to turn it on and off and a possibly timer?

Can I suggest you look at the Xiaomi Aqara Motion Sensor driver written by @markus, or the one written by @veeceeoh (both of which are available here)? You may find hints there on how to tackle setting an inactive.

@aaiyar That is actually the code I've been playing with but I just can't seem to get active to register. I did find a driver for the Iris IL071 that dose return the active register but no reset to inactive. I used the reset code from the Xiaomi driver but can only get the manual reset to work so I've used rule machine to check when the sensor is active then wait 20 secs then it resets motion to inactive. its hacky i know but for some one who doesn't know much about coding to get it working I'm pretty chuffed with myself

if some one could help with a bit of code for me to get the reset done in code instead of using rule machine would be very much appreciated


Hi Ross, I would be interested in how you did this. I have the same problem & looks to be a good work around for the moment.

I'll be honest with you. It didn't work. After a few days it stopped sending motion and I had to reinstall the device and same happened so have up and bought cheap motion sensors of eBay and not looked at the hive stuff again.

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