Newbie: Dashboard hourglass / incorrect state for dimmers

Hello folks, this issue is probably because I am new to this platform (just moved form Wink).

I have a few Zwave (GE Smarthome) dimmers. They seem to work fine from the device menu when I control individual device - i.e. on/off/set level. However from the dashboard, I have tried Bulb and Dimmer templates and in either case when I click on the icon in the tile, I get an hourglass... the slider seems to work, and I can sometimes get the device to turn off by clicking on the hourglass but to turn on the device I have to bump the slider, at least by 1%. And, the only way to get rid of the slider is by revisiting the dashboard...

Any suggestions are appreciated.



Are these Z-Wave or Z-Wave Plus devices? Hubitat doesn't actively poll devices without you telling it to, using the built-in Z-Wave Polling app however that adds overhead which is why they don't do it to begin with. I have just 2 devices left to replace to be done with all of my non Z-Wave Plus devices as almost every one of my GE Switches was non plus since I bought them years ago for use with Iris.

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Correction, I meant "get rid of hourglass" not slider.

@Terk thanks for this information, I just enabled z-wave poller app, however the GE dimmer switches don't show up in the list of device it is willing to poll. I am going to try changing the device type and update here.

What device are you using to display the Dashboard? Also are you using the HE app, a web browser, or a Kiosk app?

Welcome to the community. This sounds like weak communication. I had this to begin with in my mesh, but resolved after I added more paths. Did you perform a z-wave repair? Might not be a bad idea to do so. Also, which driver are you using? for GE I think it's the generic zwave dimmer that you want. Also, check that you do not have secure communication for all devices in zwave details. You want that for locks and not all devices.


Update: I just got this fixed, I had incorrectly selected GE Enbrighten Zwave Dimmer for these devices, I switched to Generic Zwave Dimmer and they now show up in the Polling app and work correctly in the dashboard.

In the future I will look to upgrade to Zwave Plus devices.

Thanks @Terk

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@TechMedX it was via Web Browser and HE App.

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Thanks @april.brandt I just saw your post, and basically arrived at the same conclusion regarding Generic Zwave dimmer on my own! Will change secure comm to just locks as well.

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If some of your other devices are paired secure, it's a good idea to exclude them and pair them the right way. You'll have problems down the road with them if you leave them.

@april.brandt how do i see the pairing state?

I'm not at home to look, but I believe it's in the data table at the bottom of the driver table. If you click into the device, it says
paired secure: true

Another update, I just switched the devices to "Generic Zwave Smart Dimmer", and I dont need to do polling, they are updating state correctly and quickly on the Dashboard..

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Win! Win!

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For @april.brandt documentation since I'm home.

at looks like this when secure. (this is a lock)



And if the InCluster begins with (I think it's always at the beginning anyway) 0x5E then it is a Z-Wave Plus device.


Wow - I must say.. I appreciate the quick responses from everyone... If this one thread is an example of how this community operates.. I think i picked the right platform to move to!