Newb looking for stamp of approval or alternative

Total Newb here--Don't even have a hubitat yet, but am heading in that direction. With all my research thus far, my grand foray was going to go with the integrated PS and dimmer I found in the ZB-1007 being discussed here running simple 3528 SMD strips on my bookcases, no colors or kelvin changes. After reading all the techy stuff here, is this true, and a good course at entry:
1_ The ZB-1007 will run 2 wire strips..I think those are CCT. In fact, can run two of them.
2_ I can use a simple generic driver on the hubitat, but I could also try to use the more complicated (RGBW) one as well, optionally.
3_ I like the simplicity of integrated PS and Dimmer, so the ZB-1007 is an excellent choice for further expansions, such as colored LED's and/or white based on what I want to do. Bar area, xmas lighting, etc.