New wifi modem router

Help!! New modem router today everything but Hubitat working

When you say HE is not working do you mean you cannot log in or no automations are working.
Log in to to see if your IP address has changed.
It could be that which is the issue.
I don't know if you have but it's worth allocating a static IP address for your hub on your router.

Just found it, its changed ip number, I can now access the portal however

System Messages

Cloud connection is unavailable.

From the portal.

Once you have found your hub on your network, you can get started using your hub. In order to use cloud services like Amazon Alexa, Google Home or remote access to Hubitat Dashboard, you will need to register your hub with a Hubitat Cloud Services account.

I assume you have done this already but thought I would ask.

Make sure you set this up on your new router. The HE hub and all other devices connected to HE should have DHCP Reservations setup in your router. If not you will have trouble down the road when things change and cannot be located (especially true with Sonos, Lurton, HubConnect and some other integrations)


Up until today its been running fine, Ive just done a safe shut down and it now

In my world (IT) "The only thing that stays the same, is NOTHING stays the same!"

You can heed the advice now, or do it when you get frustrated enough with things changing. Granted your devices should not change the IP address if they are always on. The lease should just be renewed. When presented with that logic my response would be...

"If computers/networking always worked the way they should, I would be an electrician" (hint, I'm not an electrician)

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Oh happy days, all advice taken and implimented thank you all for the help :+1: