New user needs help exporting smart plugs to Alexa

As im trying to finalize my build I installed smart plugs from zigbee model x002mbjd6d says it works with echo and smart things hub I was able to add it to hubitat and it works with it just does not show up in drop down menu to automatic it for alexa. did a discovery and reboot for hubbitat/alexa. It wont show up in alexa app to add even though hubitat has no issues controlling the device. I have 50/60+ devices on alexa what gives?

Ok so just to put this in my own words.

You do have the Amazon Echo Skill installed on Hubitat and linked to your Alexa account.

But you do not see your devices in the drop down menu to select them?

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Not showing up as compatible or incompatible

After opening the device selection menu hit the Update button at the bottom to refresh the list with current devices. Is not always needed but I think it forces it to reload the list of devices.