New User - General Questions


Morning all. Just picked up my Hubitat last night. Looking to possibly transition over from Home Assistant / Node-Red currently running in a docker container on my home NAS. So far I've been impressed with the z-wave response with Hubitat; however, I'm a little concerned with a couple of devices.

All devices on my network have static IPs.

My single Sengled zigbee bulb works. Hooray!

Any tips with the Lifx bulbs? I've grabbed the github code and installed it. When on the dashboard, the controls work fine, but while on the dashboard, if I shut a Lifx light off, it turns itself back on.

We also use Abode as our alarm system. I'm hoping there's some kind of support out there for it. It looks like it's been discussed on the forums but I can't find any sort of support similar to the Lifx bulbs.

Any movement with MQTT? I'm currently using mosquitto with zanzito as my GPS locator of choice for presence detection. I'd like to avoid Life360 since the goal is to be as cloudless as possible.

Is the slow response on the hub's pages normal? Seems as if I need to refresh the page a couple of times to get pages to load. Hub's been updated to 2.4 I believe.



Welcome! Please check your PM for a few questions I sent you. Slow interface is not normal.


This unfortunately, is a known issue:


Abode has no direct integration, but you can use IFTTT


Just my two cents I just set my Hubitat up last weekend. And I to notice slow response on dash panel.

Also issues with the geofence. I have my account and wife setup. And seems to be either she or I are always present.

Everything else seems to be great.


I gave the system a decent run through this weekend, but unfortunately the Lifx and Abode issues are my red line in the sand so to speak. System looks like it's come a long way since first implemented, but doesn't appear to be mature enough for my needs. Thanks for the help all!