New user, flaky device control

It's definitely a zwave issue. Zigbee sensors and bulbs are working fine.

Are the hub and devices in the same locations as they were before switching from SmartThings?

Sorry - just saw your later post that you are fairly sure it's the Z-Wave devices.

Which devices needed power cycling?

All this sounds fairly unusual . . .

Yes same location as ST. It seems to be random. Switches in all locations flake out. They dont report correct state and so automations do not work. I almost wonder if I got a bad hub.

Also take a look at your z-wave lock - I've had trouble with that in the past (I have a YRD256). I ended up switching out the module to zigbee and it's been working much better. You may want to temporarily exclude it and see if things improve.

Also make sure you don't have devices (other than boundary devices, like locks) marked as "secure" - that can mess things up too.

That's the exact lock I have and it is one of the problem devices.

Two hours for a Z-Wave repair with 20-some devices also sounds unusual.

I would shoot a message to (Bobby). I have to wonder if you have a bad unit.

Where are you? I don't see a location in your profile . . .

Is it the version 4 hub (separate dongle) or the version 5 (no separate dongle)?

I have the new 5 version. I'm near Toronto.

It's worth a try taking the lock out of the picture. I have a Z-Wave lock but it's a Schlage.

Ok I'll try to exclude the lock and see what happens.

I didn't notice any big change in connectivity to the Z-Wave devices when I made the move from SmartThings. I had the two hubs in the same closet while I moved the devices over and I left the devices all in place. That's to say my crude observation was, at least in my case, there was no discernable difference in the radio range or propagation pattern. Totally unscientific.

So my issue with the lock was basically it wouldn't connect, if it did it would sometimes respond etc etc. I ended up moving my hub to the basement in a central location more direct line of sight to the lock and STILL had issues. Some have had success others not - very hit or miss it seems. I hate to tell you to go buy another module but maybe better than doing anything else - it is a nice lock. Remember to run a z-wave repair afterwards!

Also if that turns out to be the issue you could consider using @srwhite hubconnect and keep the lock connected to SmartThings for the time being..

Not a bad idea. Unfortunately I was a little too hasty. Already sold the ST hub.

Arghh.. hate when that happens!!

Here's a US link for the Zigbee module in case you're interested.

Removed the lock. Started a zwave repair over an hour ago. Still going.

I would definitely check in with Support. They can look at your logs and tell you if something is spamming the system.

Just emailed them

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Support is your best bet, I just started HE on Monday, have switched over 50+ devices and z-wave repairs take about 10-15 minutes. The only z-wave issue I've had was a Hank zwave bulb in a metal enclosure for porch light not responding when I had the preferences changed from the default of "fast" changed to didn't like the instant settings.

A bit discouraging but hopefully I can stick with HE...

I had Smartthings, then went to Vera as they touted about being locally ran and so much better, Hubitat is exactly what Vera "claimed" to be but has failed, and costs 3X the price, I am 100% satisfied with my switch, and glad I don't have the frustrations from Vera anymore, Hubitat has pushed out updates I believe every day since my start Monday, Vera hasn't sent out one since I started them in last Sept.

Found the offending zwave devices, removed them. Repair only took 35 min. Factory wiped the devices and then added back and all seems well for now. I think we can consider this resolved. Thanks for the help.

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