New update breaks custom Lutron double and triple tap

The 2.3.1 Hubitat release adds double tapped event to Lutron pico driver. Is there any way to disable this so that the driver works as it did before? Push/Hold/Release only?

It's breaking my custom double and triple tap settings.

Not really. You could use Fast Pico driver that has only Push/Release.

I'm using push and hold in most of my rules so I really can't. This is frustrating.

I'm using pushed and incrementing a variable value to take care of double push and triple push. Basically, I have a variable for every button set to 0. When a switch is pressed, it adds 1 to the variable. The rest of the rule actions are delayed by 1 second so if I double push within a second, I get 2 and if I triple press, I get 3 for the variable value. I then match on that for the actions. At the end of the rule, there is a 3 second delay that puts the button variable back to 0.

I applaud that Hubitat finally got around to implementing double press but it's now breaking everything! All of my switches have a double push configured and the majority have a triple push configured. Now none of them work. So while having a built in double tap is nice, it's breaking everything for me now. I can switch the double press's over to the new double tap action but what to do about the triple push. Any chance there's going to be a triple tap coming before I redo all my custom work?

It's a shame that this was implemented using the existing driver with no option to select the old driver.

For a temporary solution you could roll back to 2.3.0. Meanwhile, we will look into offering the old driver as an option, or putting a preference option in the updated driver.


I didn't realize I could roll back. I did and that has fixed my issue for now. Thanks for that. What is the likelihood of getting a driver option?

We will bring back the old driver as an option. You'd have to go into each device and select it. Most likely in the next release.


That's awesome. Thank you!

Equally awesome would be to have a triple tap function in the new driver, if possible.

Yep the doubletap prevents additional taps after the doubletap so a triple tap shows up as a doubletap not a doubletap and a tap or just a set of taps... this messed up my multi-tap function.. :cry:

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The previous Lutron Pico driver version will be available in the next hot fix. The driver is named Lutron Pico Legacy.
You can manually switch back to this driver if required.


Sweet! Thanks for this.. makes my life a wee bit simpler. :wink:

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Thanks for this, I really appreciate it!

erktek, I'd love to hear how you are tackling the multi-tap. My way works well but I wonder if I can be more efficient.

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