New to VLAN

I am new to VLAN & concerned about keeping everything separate...driven by my decision to automate my home with Hubitat.

I am considering purchasing a Netgear ProSafe GS105E to implement VLANs. Presently, I have a Comcast XB7 gateway feeding a Linksys EA8500 router; this set up does not allow VLAN.

I have a couple questions:

  • Is the ProSafe GS105E the right approach?

  • Should I put the GS105E between the gateway and router or after the router.

My plan is to set up the following VLANs

  1. home office

  2. media center / games

  3. Hubitat

wording is ambiguous on one decision to automate my home got me thinking about separating the LANs, regardless of whether I went with Hubitat or ST. I've got my Hubitat and was ready to plug it into the router and remembered VLANs.

I'm itching to hook up my Hubitat and light switches; but, I really must solve VLANs first, so that I don't have to redo everything.

You need the following.

Switch that does vlans
Router that has 3 interfaces. One for each vlan and one for your wan. (Unless you decided to do router on a stick)

Now keep in mind if you want to access the other vlan your router will do the routing between them. So you can have access rules to allow certain stuff to pass between vlans.

Look at ubiquity gear.

I personally use a cisco 2960s switch and a pfsense box.


Depending on how many many devices you are going to have. I wouldn't get a 5 Ports switch. That's not enough ports.
There are many managed switches that will do Vlan but you will also need a good router for creating Vlan and rules.
I have Ubiquiti UNiFI router, switches, controller and APs and quite happy. I suggest you read up a little first before diving into this head on. It's not an easy task unless you are good at networking already. Took me a week of heavy reading and testing to get my network up.


After a bit of research, it appears that this endeavor is not for the faint of heart.

Fortunately, I am having lunch with someone on Monday that is conversant on this type situation, though on a larger scale.

I’m not worried about a large VLAN capable switch. I want to create a few domains (probably not the right technical term), with unmanaged switches downstream. My home office has an unmanaged switch, as does the media center.

When the network was our personal computers and devices streaming content, I felt secure enough. Now, there is pressure to add on-line game capability to play Rocket League with my kids scattered about town. That combined with adding home automation, now I am very concerned about data security.

If there is a simpler (cheaper?) way than VLAN, I am all ears.

I decided on the Netgear GS105Ev2. Port 1 (trunk) is plugged into one of the ports on the Linksys EA8500. I've got VLANs set up for 3 separate zones - offices, Hubitat, and media center. 2 ports are used for Hubitat - one is for the computer that manages the Hubitat network. I've run some tests and the virtual LANs cannot see each other.

Now that I am comfortable with data security, I can begin adding automation.

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