New to Rule Machine - Can't figure out how to dim a group of lights and NOT turn on lights that are off

So I am very new to Rule Machine, have only done some simple rules at this point and I'm trying to setup a rule that will dim my lights at a specific time of day. I want 6 different lights to dim to 30% but if a light is already off or less than 30% then it gets ignored and left alone. I can get the lights to dim to 30% no problem, I just can't figure out the ignore lights less than 30% part. Any help would be greatly appreciated.

I'm not sure what you have set up now, but I'm assuming you have an appropriate trigger configured and a set of actions that dim your lights. If you have something like this in your actions:

Dim Light 1, Light 2, Light 3 to 30%

then you'll have to break them out into separate actions instead. The easiest way to apply your action to only specific lights would be to use a "Simple Conditional Action" with that action, so something like this instead:

(IF Light 1 is on AND Light 1 Level > 30%) Dim Light 1 to 30%
(IF Light 2 is on AND Light 2 Level > 30%) Dim Light 2 to 30%
(IF Light 3 is on AND Light 3 Level > 30%) Dim Light 3 to 30%

But you'll need to do one other thing first. Off the top of my head, I think the simple conditional UI lets you either define a single condition on the spot or use a pre-defined condition. The former won't work since you have multiple tests in this condition, so you'll need to go to "Manage or Create Conditions" first, create every condition like IF Light 1 is on AND Light 1 Level > 30% (and the others), then choose these pre-defined conditions when you make your simple conditional actions.


Unless something has changed recently that I'm not aware of, you can't change the dim level of zwave devices without them turning on.

That shouldn't be the usual behavior. Standard behavior on Hubitat is for the setLevel() command, which the above RM action should call under the hood, to turn on devices if they are currently off--and to put them at the desired level in either case. This is unless you have "prestaging" options enabled in the driver, though they are also re-doing that current occasional convention (a device preference) into a standard capability/command. If a built-in driver isn't doing this, I'd guess that staff would want to know so it can be investigated. If it's a community driver, I'd let the author know.

I wasn't able to get it to work using the Simple Conditional Action method but splitting the conditions up by light and using IF then AND conditions it seems to have worked. Thanks for your help!

i have a rule that resets my lights that were coming on dimmed late at night to 100% in the morning so that when turned on go on all the way nby default.\

yours may be similiar.. try turning on the lights first so any changes to effect then turn back off. or you chan check if already on and leave in same state..


You're right! I thought there was a way to "trick" a simple conditional into using a complex condition with a pre-defined condition, but it turns out you can't create those ahead of time (as complex conditions). So, your IF THEN (a "full" conditional) is indeed what you'd need, with the advantage that it gives you a lot more power--just takes a bit more clicking.

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