New to hubitat

As the topic title says I'm pretty new to hubitat and only ever used basic smartlife products which I wasn't too keen on.
I've spent almost a week going through the ins and outs of each hub, along with which sensors etc would work with what.
I almost bypassed the hubitat because I thought it would be far too detailed for me but after watching a few YouTube videos (a fair few which my wife will verify with a heavy sigh and look of boredom) I started to understand the very basics of the system and hoping to take my time to delve a little deeper over time.

I've ordered my hubitat c7 along with a few door sensors and a motion sensor so I can start finding my way around.

What really helped me make the decision to go with hubitat apart from the local control capabilities was the amount of information, help and advice I found within this community.

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First, welcome. :slight_smile:

Door and Motion sensors are usually Battery powered and as a result, sleep a lot to save battery. It also means they don't repeat and it's very important to have repeaters if you want to control devices beyond the same room. Further, they are all sensors, you have no actuators... Switches, Dimmers... that will do something when a door or motion is activated. Perhaps your SmartLife products are going to provide that action, it's not clear BUT they certainly won't help with the repeating service that builds out the mesh range.

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Hi thanks for the information and advice. Funnily enough I was thinking about adding a light switch to my order.
I'm trying to keep it as basic as possible to start off with firstly because I want to get to know how to use the hub but secondly we are moving house in January so I don't want to set up all the equipment only to have to remove it all in a few weeks but I'm certainly going to take your advice and at least install a switch.

Indeed, welcome!
The power of Local is something I didn't actually really believe before I switched over the HE, and it's been a night and day difference from Wink and ST!

As others mentioned, the key is to take your time, slowly add devices so you build out a good mesh(s).

Thanks. I'm a total novice with using a hub so this will be my first attempt at setting up devices and automation and like you say I intend on taking everything slowly so I can learn as I go and not get too frustrated trying to run before I can walk then lose interest.