New to Hubitat - HE C-8 with devices in Canada

Yes but really if you have one under your toilet you dont really need the probe...I keep one under each sink and water heater tray..

I think the gap there is you wouldn't catch the start of a small leak. I think I would want to know that there's a leak under the sink before it gets to the point of flowing out to the floor. Just using the sensor under the sink wouldn't catch a flooding toilet (unless things are REALLY bad).

Mine is on the floor under the sinks so hopefully would catch it... And one behind the toilet on the floor...

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Same, but I guess having a single device with two probe points would be the cheaper route. Think that's where the OP was headed.

That does work with the neo coolcams... but I mean it's only a 3 ft probe... In my bathroom anyway the toilet is close to 9 feet from the vanity.

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Also the same for my master bath. The rest of them, the toilet is right next to the vanity so the lead would work.

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Does this have a feature for identifying appliances and adding notifications and tracking for those? I've seen some that can do that. I would be looking to notify myself if I left the oven on, that kind of thing. If you have a video overview you recommend, I'd definitely check it out.

The unit clamps around the circuit in your breaker panel (safe, no wiring needed). So since your electric stove is 220, you would simply connect it around one leg of the stove circuit and then setup your notification in hubitat for it. So if power changed on greater than 30 mins, repeat notification every 20 mins. That would give you ample time to cook and get reminded to turn off the stove. You would throw a clamp on each circuit you wanted to monitor. In my case I monitor both legs of my panel, 2 water heater circuits, washer, dryer, and dishwasher.

Are you able to identify individual appliances on a shared circuit for notifications? For example, if my oven and air fryer share a circuit, could I set up a notification that specifically identifies which of the two devices is detected as left on?

No, it's for the circuit only. By code things like dishwasher, stove, etc need to be on their own circuit. Now if you have multiple appliances on one circuit you can additionally use zooz zen-15's to monitor the individual appliance.

Nothing can do this accurately. Anything that has a single probe on the circuit that gives a "per device" or "per circuit" readout is simply guessing.

To expand on this a bit with my approach. Anything that plugs into an outlet has a smart plug. This gives me individual power reading for rules, as well as granular energy costs using my app: [RELEASE] Energy Cost Calculator [BETA]

I recently installed IoTaWatt with leads on the mains and the breakers for my two outdoor compressor units for the AC. I wrote a new device driver to pull energy and power readings from it: [RELEASE] IoTaWatt+ [BETA]

I now have the option to track total energy usage for the house as well as setting up rules to alert when something is on/off. Washer, dryer, oven (gas, so not much I can do to check for a burner using this method), etc.. my plan is to aggregate some of the power meters into a rule for power outage notifications so I'll know whether the whole house is out versus individual circuit.

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Are you sure about this? When you have the probe connected it's via the extra plastic piece that snaps onto the bottom of the sensor itself. I think that piece lifts the sensors on the bottom of the device (pic below) off the ground enough that it would miss a leak until the water got at least 1/8 of an inch deep. In a larger space that's a lot of water before the alarm would go off.


Mine takes about a 1/4" of water to get to the primary in the cradle but again I really don't use the pigtails except on my Softwater salt reservoir. All mine are directly on the floor. But yeah I would agree 1/4" may be a lot of water.

A bit of a tangent, but is it possible via Hubitat to create a dashboard for some of these things? Something I'd like to have is just a screen with current status of some things, like "Windows: 3 open" "Oven: On" "Air Conditioner: Off" where the values can come from various sensors, but I can get all that info at a glance.

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Absolutely. Made even easier by my other app: [RELEASE] Sensor Groups+

So, you can use my app to group like device (e.g. window contact sensors) and there's an option to generate a list of which devices are open. Stick that into a dashboard tile.

You can easily add additional devices and add tiles to show their current state (on/off, open/closed, etc.). Some of the community dashboard apps, like [RELEASE] HD+ - Android Dashboard even have logic to automagically update the tile color and icon to reflect the status.

Yep.... Very easy. Just create a tile for that device.

So off your recommendation, I bought 15 of the contact sensors and so far they've worked great! It was crazy cheap compared to the other options I was looking at, 15 sensors with delivery and whatnot was only around $125 dollars. I haven't played with temp reporting since the values I saw so far were suspicious (all of them reporting different values between 18-30 degrees at the same time :thinking:) but I was hoping you could share your wisdom about some ideas I have for how to use these sensors.

I'd like to have all the sensors report as 1 boolean of AnyWindowsOpen where "all closed"=false and "at least 1 open"=true. I was able to use a package called "Sensor Groups+" to aggregate all the sensors into 1 virtual contact sensor where closed means "all closed" and open means "at least 1 open", and have that virtual device status hooked up to my thermostat to control it (eg. turn off when a window is open, turn back on when they're all closed.) This so far works as I hoped, but if you have any wisdom on other approaches I'd gladly check those out.

Another thing I'd like to do is report how many, and which devices are open/closed. I found a couple different apps for doing the rest (such as Window Tracker) but haven't had any success setting them up to report specifically which devices were open. I was able to use a Rule Machine with a variable to count open windows, but I could see that being finicky as it controls the variable by adding/subtracting on events rather than computing the value from the status of the devices.

I'd also like to set up alerts if windows are open and the weather starts reporting rain.

For all the above, I'd also love to be able to hook in a Google Home command to trigger a status check - eg. "WIndow Report" -> "You have 3 windows open, A, B, and D".

Any ideas or wisdom you could share on these ideas? Thanks!

I use them in all windows then I use a calibrated digital thermometer next to them and set the offset so they're fairly accurate

Any thoughts on the rest of the ideas?

Oh for the windows open bit I use @bertabcd1234 Device Status Announcer. For instance if it starts raining (my Tempest Weather Flow detects) it will check the status of each window and if any are open it will tell me the specific window is open...

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