New thermostat scheduler - miss option to turn off thermostat

@bravenel as the topic

It gets the thermostat modes to offer from the thermostat driver. Could you show a screenshot of the Current States from the thermostat device page, right side.

Bruce thanks for your interest, the dump is from the current rule machine, where all the thermostat controllers are connected to virtual thermostats (out of topic: I used to pass the temperature from the temperature sensor to the virtual thermostat using rule machine, now I can point the temperature sensor directly into the thermostat controller while the virtual thermostat is only required because it requires the thermostat controller)
Until now, for the old thermostat controller, I was able to set the thermostat mode to off in the rule machine, but after adding one new thermostat controller for the rule (you recommended updates), this option does not exist. I didn't change anything in the virtual thermostat.

the new thermostat controller does not get all values supported thermostat mode

the old one

There is a bug. Fix will be in next release.

Fix for this problem has been released: Release 2.3.3 Available - #8 by bravenel

@bravenel * Thermostat Controller 2.0: Fixed failure to get full set of supported thermostat modes. -
after updating the supportedThermostatModes did not refresh. Need to take additional steps? re-install the controller?

for new works, for created before the update no

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