New Site to Site VPN allows remote access to multiple hubs but dashboards won't load

I have switched to GLinet equipment and have site to site setup to make all remote locations one network. I can access all remote hubs and access full UI. The only thing that does not work are the dashboards. Of course I can access and do all through the old VPN but I would have to switch back and forth between vpns to access each hub. Now I can have all the hubs UI's open at once and switch between tabs. Any ideas would be great.



Dashboards shouldn't be affected for site to site. Though hubitat uses udp to connect to things and only does so on the same subnet. But you should be able to use your browser to go to the ip link (shown under settings>>hubitat dashboard>>dashboard. You will see local lan links like this Simply save this a link to your phone's home page.

I am using a PC but it would be similar. From my web browser I can access each hub by IP address even though each one is on a different subnet. I can do everything except open dashboards. I get the piece of paper with the bent corner and frown face. lol I have been using the cloud dashboard to get around this.

Can you copy the dashboard address? Are you allowing UDP between each site?

Cloud link works LAN link does not. It is through Glinet hardware and it is setup for two way communication. I can do everything except display the dashboards. Not the end of the world but it does allow me to watch my ip streams live from anywhere I am on the company network.

Right but it's obviously blocking something. I use watchguard for everything including site to site and don't have this issue. My rules specifically have everything wide open that way. So I'm wondering why it's an issue in your case. (I don't know your particular stuff obviously)

Me either obviously! Lol

Can you see the dash via the hub interface itself?

Not a lot to work with.

It allows me to have each location hub UI open on a chrome tab.

Maybe try adding the subnets to each hub:


No luck so far but it sure is nice being able to have each remote hub UI on a separate tab. Sure make copying code back and forth super easy. The only thing that still does not work are the dashboards. I can do all other functions and even run the dashboards if I vpn to each one one at a time. The dashboards just do not work on the site to site. So I am down to using 2 tabs for each remote location. One with UI and one with Cloud Dashboard for each hub.

Well I still have to use the cloud connection for only dashboards. All other UI functions as normal. I am using GL.inet Site to site. If I vpn into any location the dashboards work. Something is not the same between the way site to site and straight vpn work. My guess is a subnet issue but not familiar enough to understand it. Main node site 1 is 192.168.8.X/24 Site 2 192.168.29.X/24 Site 3 192.168.40.X/24 Site 3 192.168.62.X/24 and Site 5 192.168.169.X/24 Not sure if this helps diagnose.

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Here is the error I get trying to add the subnets. Subnets are the problem I believe. My site to site network at each location the HE is on 192.168.1.X and the site to site is on 192.168.X.X at each location.

Thanks again

If I havenโ€™t mistyped the subnets, this should work for you:,,,,,

This is what I am getting even with the allowed subnets.

@gopher.ny any ideas?

The IP on dashboard in the embedded frame is still - see error message.

Go to Apps and click on the dashboard there, it's one of the child apps under Hubitat dashboard. There will be direct links to the dashboard (local/cloud) there. Copy the local link and replace IP address in it (which hub self reports) with the IP address from the browser's address bar. Yeah, it's a bit of PITA, but the hub has no way to know this address it's being accessed under. Bookmarking that new address is probably best.

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