New problems with

I upgraded from yesterday. Everything had been fine with that version and since I've never had issues with prior updates, I thought I would move forward.

After the update, several devices started to lag significantly. This did tend to resolve as the day went on. What was very strange is that I started to get overheat warnings for my Aeotec Nano Switch. Of course with the default settings, this meant that some of my garage lights would turn off again 30 seconds later. I really doubt in the -16C weather we had yesterday that the nano switch temp reached 100F, the trigger point for this error.

I rolled back to and restored one of the recent database files that was operational under that version. It seems to have corrected the overheat error (although it is slightly warmer today, and if it was a thermal/cold induced failure, may not appear again until its colder). But, I noticed that none of my outside lights turned on 15 minutes before sunset. I went to look at the rule and got an error trying to load it. I ended up having to delete and recreate another rule. Not sure why if the firmware was rolled back, along with the database, it should do this?

Symptoms are consistent with corrupted database, and most likely have nothing at all to do with vs

That's possible I suppose. I've never rebooted (with the exception of when the firmware update performs this automatically), nor have I ever shutdown the hub. It's never been disconnected from power (as I'm aware of the shutdown requirement), and is connected to an APC UPS with at least 4-5 hours of runtime given the current load. The update went as all the previous ones did... it completed fully, never gave me an error, never took an unusually long time. It all seemed fine. I'm not sure what would corrupt the database, but I know things can happen. I did not make any rule or other programming changes either before or after the upgrade. In any event, everything seems to be back to normal so perhaps I will try the upgrade again next week when I have a chance. It just seemed odd that this behaviour started as soon as I moved to after weeks of no issues. I failed to mention that this is on a C-5.