New Philips devices

Quite interesting.

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Bluetooth or zigbee?

Both on some of them, the video states.

Lots and lots of articles about them that manage to just repeat the press release without saying anything interesting ... then I found this one that says the button is zigbee.

Philips Hue 2019 range adds Edison bulbs, Hue Smart Button, Smart Plug - SlashGear

But given their push into Bluetooth I’d be surprised if it wasn’t Bluetooth as well. Or only.

I heard him say the light bulbs were both. I am curious about the button.

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The button is definitely zigbee. I just got a couple in yesterday.

I was able to pair it as a normal Zigbee device by simply holding down the button until the LED started blinking (same pairing instructions to get it to pair with a Hue hub) however I'm unable to get button presses registering with any of the existing drivers I tried so far.

It did successfully report battery level when I pressed the button using the Samsung zigbee button driver, but no events reporting button presses.

Edit: I just tried the Phillips dimmer button controller and it is reporting press events, although it seems a bit weird. When I press the button it alternates between sending button 1 press events and button 4 press events. If I hold and release the button it sends a button 3 held event.

sold out, guess we'll have to wait for mine to come in to crank a driver for it....

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Any luck getting the button to function as a basic switch in HE?

@mjcocat I have it working using the Phillips dimmer button controller driver with a basic RM rule that triggers on either a button 1 or button 4 press event. Probably not as clean as a specific driver, but it's working fine for the basic use case.

@JKCO I just received my Hue button and was able to add it to HE. I setup the device type as Phillips dummer button like you suggested, but upon button push I don't get anything in the logs. Am I missing something? I would assume I'd see something.

I generally keep the device page open. The button events will show up there in real time.

Not sure what to tell you other than I tried pretty much every button device controller before trying the Phillips dimmer. Maybe it's possible one of the other drivers configured the device in a way that caused it to work? I don't know if that's even a thing.

No worries, I’ll wait for an official driver if I can’t find the one that works. Exciting to hear that it’s possible based on what you have.

Update - I checked the logs again and without any changes on my part it's now working. Like JKCO mentioned, every button press alternates between 1 and 4, but that's easy enough to fix with a rule.

Glad you got it working eventually.

For others out there, I think you just need to select the Phillips dimmer driver like I said above and then make sure you hit the configure button. After that you should see button press events like I previously described. I just got more buttons and tried it out and it worked for me. Hope this helps!

FYI, new version just released yesterday includes an official driver.

Here's some piccys of my conversion to a UK retractive wall light switch.


Nice work!