New Owner - ST Convert - Ring Alarm/Camera/Harmony Questions

Slowly moving over my devices (Inovelli, Zooz switches), about 75% done so far. Pretty smooth so far. Looking forward to doing the device firmware updates through Hubitat when get devices all loaded. I guess we are all nerds/geeks like that, looking forward to that.

My main WAF ST action was opening up the back door, and two separate outdoor light switches would turn on. I was using the connection to the Ring Alarm door sensors through Alexa to my switches. It appears i can do a similar setup, but i'm hoping to remove some cloud latency. I know the recent Ring Alarm app kinda/sorta went dark. Would separate door sensors be better, 2 on a door could have a negative WAF effect. Any other tips on how to implement this into Hubitat, or fun tricks with my Ring Doorbell?

Logitech Harmony Hub is another i may need to dive into. Just want to use it to control my media center (for now) devices and room lighting for now, and i've seen some past grumbling on Harmony integration.

Great community support here. Thanks to all for any advice to this or my future questions.

That harmony integration works great and it’s completely local so no cloud connection needed.