New Notifications App - Presence not working

@patrick I've been moving my simpler notification from RM to the new app. I setup a presence notifications as shown below but none are being sent.

@bravenel might have more info. But anything in the logs? Events for the presence device?

Nothing from the notifications app. I'm manually setting the presence and see all the normal logging. I get the notification from the RM rule I intend to replace but not the new one I setup in the notification app.

I can repro this too, manual and automatic presence tested. Nothing in the logs that I can see. No events. RM and Message Central rules both work fine.

Would you look at the app.status page and show me the Event Subscriptions.


I am not able to reproduce this. So, need more info from you, such as app status page, app event logs. Notifier does create app events.

I'm not able to tell anything from what you've showed me. How about showing the Notifier setup page? How about the app status page? How about screen shots from a computer instead of a phone? I've been using Notifier for all of my presence notifications for a month now without a hitch. Have you tried removing the Notifier and recreating it.

I seem to recall reading, and have experienced myself, that if there is a rule with a subscription to a device and then the same subscription in a different app, that doesn't work. Unfortunately, I don't remember the exact details.

@stephack, could you try disabling the rule and see if the notification then works?

What does notNotified mean in his status?


This was a bug specific to keypad and lock codes used in RM. Fixed now.

I'm confused. The screenshot is from the child app status (cog). I thought that is what you needed. I am at the office (trying to catch off after being out sick) so all I have right now is from my phone. The screenshot should have what you need is you expand the full picture.

I will send the parent app status shortly but it will be from my phone and will also require expanding the full pictures.

The setup page is in the OP...needs to be expanded as well.

Phone screenshots are super hard to see. But, your subscriptions appear normal. And, as I've said, I cannot reproduce any failure with presence devices. Forget parent app status, it is unimportant.

So, I have no idea what is happening with this. Normal suggestions would be reboot, recreate the child, try testing manually, try creating another virtual presence device, look at logs, etc.

I already recreated the child, but I will try the other suggestions and get back to you.

Ok this is strange. I changed the presence device to my Visitor Presence that uses the built in virtual presence driver. The notifications were sent.

Using the custom Virtual Presence Plus driver is does not respond to present or not present events. I would normally chuck this up to something in the driver but it's send the same events as the built in...and Rule Machine (and every other app) processes the events from thus driver without any issues.

What is different about the Notification app?
Is it subscribing to present/not present events?
See device logs below...and sorry but it's a phone screenshot. I'm not going to be at my desktop anytime today.

There is a reason that custom drivers are not supported. This one is on you. There is nothing unusual about how Notifier subscribes to presence events.

While I understand this, some guidance would still be appreciated...especially considering it works with other built in apps. Why one and not the other? Without clear specifications on what is needed for custom drivers to interact with built in apps, we can end up spinning in circles.

I'm not saying it's your problem, just that you dictate what is necessary to be fully compliant, so please share those specs with me and I will verify the app meets those specs. It's in both our interests. Less support time for you. Less time for the community troubleshooting drivers via guess work.

Long story short: what does RM subscribe to process presence events and what does Nofitfication subscribe to for the same?
See my RM rule below that works fine with this same device...apologies again for the phone resolution.

@Cobra, I'm using your Virtual Presence Plus driver. Please see posts above and assist if possible.

I have issues too. I set up 2 notifications 1) a Lutron dimmer (chosen as switch), and 2) a door (Konnected contact sensor). Both set as notifications for on and off (or open and close). Sent notification to Pushover

The only one of 4 possible events that notifies is the dimmer as off event. Dimmer doesn't work "on" and door doesn't work "open" or "closed". Both devices work in other notification apps.

I do get errors in the app logs for both Notification child apps:


Hubitat's docs:




the space between the words is different.

I experimented and got only a similar NPE...

app:2902019-03-20 10:52:24.568 am errorjava.lang.NullPointerException: null (doAlerts)
--- Live Log Started, waiting for events ---