New Model C-7 Hub Coming Soon

Is there a better place to buy ?

I'm sold.. did you ship my unit yet? :smiley:

I'm going to have to wait for the C11 as a minimum to drive all the wacky stuff I have on my hub :rofl:

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I trust we can change that backlit logo colour scheme directly from RM right?
The red is indicating a current fault condition I assume :rofl:


Question on the migration tool? Do you think it will be whole hub only or have the ability to move just devices and/or applications. I want to move my devices to the new hub but since some of my applications are "broken" (due to me removing devices and applications not handling it properly.


Woot Woot!!! I hoped and hoped you guys were working on this.... LOVE IT!


Very happy to see a migration tool/service nearing release this is great news!

I wonder why there was no "preorder" done? Seems like that could have generated some cash and helped people who are switching platforms stick around a bit longer without getting desperate and trying some other platform...

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Yes, some of us that are loking to migrate, are here reading about people going to buy their 7th hub and are thinking that they won't get any. I believe a certain priority should be given to new users :stuck_out_tongue: so that the community grows. Hubitat is my first choice to migrate away from SmartThings....but not the only one out there.


While I'm hoping the new shipment of C-7 hubs will be large in quantity, I would imagine they'll be sold to anyone prepared to fork over the asking price on a first-come first-serve basis.

After all, it is Hubitat Inc., and not the Socialist Republic of Hubitat Inc :grin:


I have a purely Z-Wave Plus network, will there be any benefit in upgrading my hub to a C7 with the 700 series chip if I don't have any device based on that chip?

Looking at the Aeotec comparison posted above seems like it has higher output power, CPU speed and memory, those may translate into a better performing / stable mesh...

Oh I understand, but what is better for Hubitat Inc, selling hubs to new users who will then want 7 of their own or to someone who already has 8? Also why do people need more hubs(no really, i'm asking to know)???



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I, for one, am doing the courteous thing and leaving the first batch of C-7's for the hub-less masses still waiting to make the Hubitat switch.

My change to Hubitat from Wink in May is still too fresh in my mind, and I think that it's prudent to sit on the sidelines until a bulletproof migration procedure between the C-5 and C-7 is developed that includes moving Z-Wave devices without having to re-associate everything yet again.....

People add HE hubs in order to:
-increase Zigbee or Z-wave bandwidth
-segregate misbehaving devices to their own mesh
-use questionable apps that may cause hub slowdowns
-redundancy, back up hub


I can definitely see this if the migration tool is bulletproof and allows for local/PC backups. This way you can have a fresh unit available if the primary hub goes down and is not recoverable. I for one am not going to act like a caveman and turn lights on manually even for a day! Lol!


So, does that mean I could add a Nortek Zigbee/Z-wave stick and have two separate Zigbee networks...or does it disable the internal? (I only need one Z-wave):grinning:

It disables the internal radio. Only one Zigbee and one Z-Wave network are supported on a hub.